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Planned Parenthood – kids have a right to great sex! July 7, 2011

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NEW YORK, July 7 (C-FAM) In advance of the UN youth conference later this month, the International Planned Parenthood Federation released two new publications on abortion and sexual rights for youth. The new documents are the latest part of the organization’s larger campaign targeted at teenagers and older children.

The sexual rights guide “Exclaim!” calls for a cornucopia of sexuality and gender protections and entitlements under the guise of international law. “Governments must respect, protect and fulfill all sexual rights for young people [to the hyper-sexualized freaks at Planned Parenthood, sex is a ‘right,’ even for minors, and, apparently, even if the ‘partner’ is a 35 year old male with a long prison record.  This is Christian morality turned utterly upside down.],” the publication states.

The guide is designed as a tool to help young people become sex advocates. [Planned Parenthood is doomed unless it can groom substantial portions of each succeeding generation to engage in immoral and high risk sexual activity.]

Although no right to sex or sexual pleasure exists in binding international documents, the guide goes through a list of human rights found in international law and explains how they can be read as sexual rights. Under the “right to know and learn” includes “bringing an end to abstinence-only sex education programs and promoting evidence informed approaches to comprehensive sexuality education.”[So, basically, Planned Parenthood is scratching around looking for something, anything that can even remotely be used to justify their agenda.  And of course they detest abstinence only sex ed, because it works, and hits Planned Barrenhood’s bottom line.]

Comprehensive sexuality education, as defined by IPPF in the guide, goes well beyond biology to include ideology on gender, identity, and lifestyle choices. The guide insists, “Ensuring that all young people understand that they are entitled to sexual pleasure [this is apparently a big deal to them] and how to experience different forms of sexual pleasure is important for their health and well-being.” [Wouldn’t saying something like this been taken as serious evidence of mental illness about 20 or 30 years ago?]

The guide also contains some self-contradictions. It cites the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 5 that states, “Parties shall respect the responsibilities, rights and duties of parents.” However, the guide insists that parents and the State are legally responsible for promoting a worldview and values that are held distinctively by IPPF. [Of course we support the role of parents, so long as they do exactly what we want!]  The guide demands liberalized abortion, self-identified (rather than biological) gender on identification papers, unrestricted access to contraceptives, and various other contentious claims.

The second publication, the “I Decide” abortion diaries, provides stories of young women seeking abortions, as well as graphic descriptions of sex, detailed advice on how to avoid pregnancy, and how teens can evade disapproving parents. [So, they are obviously seeing most parents as antagonist to their agenda.  They are an enemy to be thwarted]

The publication informs young women “if you use misoprostol on your own, you will be advised to take the tablets by placing them under your tongue and this way, no one would be able to tell that you had used drugs to induce the abortion unless you told them yourself.” The U.S. branch of Planned Parenthood has recently come under public scrutiny for its deceptive and illegal tactics in dealing with minors.

Last year, the Girl Scouts became embroiled in controversy when another IPPF sex guide, called “Healthy, Happy, and Hot” was distributed at their side-event during the Commission on the Status of Women.The sex guide, targeted at youth living with HIV/AIDS, promotes masturbation, sex under the influence of drugs and alcohol, as well as not-disclosing one’s HIV/AIDS status to one’s partner [wow, these guys are classy all the way around, no?  It doesn’t matter if you give someone a death sentence, as long as  you get your little sexual thrill]

This organization is utterly despicable.

Out of control post abortive pro-abort attacks pro-lifers outside mill July 7, 2011

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Lots to dig though in that headline.  An allegedly post-abortive woman attacked pro-lifers praying outside the Southwest Women’s Options mill in Albuquerque, New Mexico a few days ago.  I should note that this Albuquerque mill is part-owned by Curtis Boyd, who also owns Southwest Women’s Surgery Center in Dallas and is the only abortionist to perform late term abortions in both locations.  He has freely admitted that abortion is killing, but he says that it’s for some greater good (possibly, his personal wealth).  Anyway, this woman drives past, seeing pro-lifers protesting this mill, and swerves into the parking lot, gets out, starts yelling obscenities, and then begins to use her keys like a knife and attacks one of the pro-lifers.  Operation Rescue caught the end of the encounter on video:

When one of the pro-lifers said “You are full of guilt,” she replied “YES, I AM, you have no idea how much it hurts!”  Why that guilt would prompt one to attack those who are trying to prevent other women from making the same mistake she has is difficult to fathom.  But, some people just cannot stand the reality of what they’ve done, I suppose, and have to make the pain stop however they can.  Albuquerque police say charges of battery and aggravated battery will be filed today

There was also data presented yesterday that 56% of abortions in New York City are to women who have already had at least one abortion.  This kind of repeat abortion points towards abortion as birth control, and less the ‘poor woman in desperate straits who made bad choices and desperately needs a way out’ defense that pro-aborts frequently try to claim.  That data may not mean anything with respect to the video of the woman above, but having prayed outside abortion mills, I can say that all kinds of women procure abortions. Some are very blase and jaded, some are obviously drugged up (and jaded and blase), some are frightened, some are obviously tormented at their decision, some already have kids and feel they can’t have more – there are numerous reasons, but you can frequently deduce the repeat abortion types.  They are the ones that are very blase and jaded, and do make up about half the women whom I have seen entering mills.  You can use logic, prayer, whatever, and I’ve never seen these women respond.  The Spirit of Truth and Charity appears dead in them.

Join the Handmaids of the Precious Blood in adopting a priest to pray for! July 7, 2011

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I’m so excited, I found another good contemplative, cloistered order of nuns to pray for!  But better yet, you can contact the Handmaids of the Precious Blood to be assigned a priest to pray for – to add to your already long list, right? 

These nuns are located in rural New Mexico.  I’ve been looking for a place to take a retreat to – too bad they don’t really have facility for visitors!

Do consider joining their exterior lay apostolate.

h/t Defend Us In Battle

Speculation about Cardinal Burke as the next Pope July 7, 2011

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I think this is a very long shot, but we’ll see.  I think there will be a non-European Pope from the ‘third world’ before an American Pope, if there ever is an American Pope, but the secular NRO speculates that there could be a compelling case for Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke:

That there are insider rumblings on this from within Vatican circles, suggesting a change in perspective, is therefore quite interesting. Based on my own observation of Dolan (in the pulpit, on TV, and in his writings), he is both a friendly and charming man and a strong evangelizer. I could see him being quite credible as Pope. But the particular sort of American that Dr. Moynihan’s source appears to be looking for would be someone more aggressively and explicitly conservative on matters of church discipline — and that, to me, suggests Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, the archconservative former archbishop of St. Louis who is now one of the most powerful figures in the Vatican.

If the cardinals choosing the next Pope want to crack down on dissent, and a Cardinal’s being an American is no longer an obstacle to his being elected Pope, then Burke would be a very strong choice

It would actually make sense, in the light of recent history, for the cardinals to choose an American Pope, on the analogy of the election of Karol Wojtyla in 1978. At that time, the greatest world-historical threat to the church was the Communist Bloc; so they elected a Pope from within that bloc, who understood it intimately. If they decide that the greatest threat in the immediate future is the rampant secularism/Sexual Revolutionism/consumerism/Protestantism exported throughout the world by the U.S.A., an American Pope might be the one to lead that particular resistance. (If, on the other hand, they view the rise of an aggressive Muslim world as the chief threat, they might consider Cardinal Turkson of Ghana.)

The article begins with some comments from Robert Moynihan, speaking with an unnamed but apparently connected curial official, who states that, with Europe rapidly imploding, there may be an interest in having a non-European Pope to reach out to the broader world.  I actually pray regularly that Cardinal Burke, or a man very similar to him (like Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith) would be elected the next Pope, but I’m not overly sanguine at the prospects.  We’ll have to see how the Spirit moves the College of Cardinals at the next conclave, which, I also pray, will not be anytime soon! 

I am certain Cardinal Burke would make a truly fantastic Pope, one for the ages. We certainly know he has a strong affinity for the traditional form of the Mass.

Do not turn social justice into a false idol July 7, 2011

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So says Michael Voris, although he does not use those exact words.  In reality, it’s Pope Benedict saying that:

On a related note, Msgr. Henry Petter has left St. Elizabeth Seton parish in Plano for St. Ann’s in Coppell.  That should be a culture shock for both Petter and St. Ann’s.  He has been replaced by Fr. Bradley from St. Michael’s in McKinney, about whom I’ve heard good things. 

Everything Voris (and the Pope) says is true regarding ‘social justice.’  Of course, as Catholics we are called to aid our fellow man to greatest extent possible, to be very generous in the aid of the poor.  But this is primarily a private dictum, directed at individual souls and families, and less a call for confiscatory taxation and broad based government wealth transfer schemes.  The problem in the Church has been that many want to reduce the Church to nothing but a vehicle of social change.  This has been particularly true since Vatican II, and we have in many areas lost sight of the prime mission of the Church, which is to save souls and bring them to the eternal bliss of the Beatific Vision.  Christanity is a transformative religion, if practiced properly it should change us on many (or all) levels, but the first fruit of everything we do must be ordered to the rendering of proper honor and glory to God, not aiding our fellow man.  Unfortunately, the ‘cult of man’ mentality that came out of the ‘spirit of Vatican II’ is firmly entrenched, and even reflected in the new Liturgy.  The overemphasis in many quarters on ‘social justice’ is simply symptomatic of a much broader problem – the loss of the proper orientation of many in the Church of their Faith primarily towards God.