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Out of control post abortive pro-abort attacks pro-lifers outside mill July 7, 2011

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Lots to dig though in that headline.  An allegedly post-abortive woman attacked pro-lifers praying outside the Southwest Women’s Options mill in Albuquerque, New Mexico a few days ago.  I should note that this Albuquerque mill is part-owned by Curtis Boyd, who also owns Southwest Women’s Surgery Center in Dallas and is the only abortionist to perform late term abortions in both locations.  He has freely admitted that abortion is killing, but he says that it’s for some greater good (possibly, his personal wealth).  Anyway, this woman drives past, seeing pro-lifers protesting this mill, and swerves into the parking lot, gets out, starts yelling obscenities, and then begins to use her keys like a knife and attacks one of the pro-lifers.  Operation Rescue caught the end of the encounter on video:

When one of the pro-lifers said “You are full of guilt,” she replied “YES, I AM, you have no idea how much it hurts!”  Why that guilt would prompt one to attack those who are trying to prevent other women from making the same mistake she has is difficult to fathom.  But, some people just cannot stand the reality of what they’ve done, I suppose, and have to make the pain stop however they can.  Albuquerque police say charges of battery and aggravated battery will be filed today

There was also data presented yesterday that 56% of abortions in New York City are to women who have already had at least one abortion.  This kind of repeat abortion points towards abortion as birth control, and less the ‘poor woman in desperate straits who made bad choices and desperately needs a way out’ defense that pro-aborts frequently try to claim.  That data may not mean anything with respect to the video of the woman above, but having prayed outside abortion mills, I can say that all kinds of women procure abortions. Some are very blase and jaded, some are obviously drugged up (and jaded and blase), some are frightened, some are obviously tormented at their decision, some already have kids and feel they can’t have more – there are numerous reasons, but you can frequently deduce the repeat abortion types.  They are the ones that are very blase and jaded, and do make up about half the women whom I have seen entering mills.  You can use logic, prayer, whatever, and I’ve never seen these women respond.  The Spirit of Truth and Charity appears dead in them.


1. Mary - July 8, 2011

I think they don’t want to see any reminders of what they’ve done. Many put the memory in a little box and put a lock on it. I think they have extreme emotions they don’t want to face. Somebody shattered the box on this woman and let out her anger and guilt.

PP and other pro-choice groups say this is a good thing to have an abortion and so the women are so confused when they have feelings contrary to the public lie that the abortion is going to make their life easy. These women are very delicate, and as we’ve seen of many women going in, they are stone-cold in their expressions.

The pro-lifers continued to express concern for this woman throughout, there was no hate. More women considering abortion need to see this video – the hate from the post-abortive woman and the love from the pro-lifers…

2. Cori - July 8, 2011

It’s tough out there. Think of how that woman walks around feeling every day knowing that she did the ultimate wrong against her baby. No wonder liberal women are so angry (at themselves) all the time. With all this regret, it’s amazing they can get dressed in the morning, but there is forgiveness and healing….just for the asking.

3. Cori - July 8, 2011

And not to be an extreme jerk…she really needs to leave that fanny pack back in the 80s where it belongs.

tantamergo - July 8, 2011

That’s always a bad sign.

4. Subvet - July 8, 2011

It’s been a while since Jim Croce’s song “Roller Derby Queen” went through my head. Seeing that chick in action did it though.

Thanks(?) for the memories.

On a serious note, I believe the first comment made by “Mary” was dead on the money. The woman doesn’t want to be confronted with the reality of her actions, anyone protesting abortion does that for her. Since we’re seeing an increase in support for the prolife movement in this nation I’m sure the she and many like her will be needing some very extensive help soon.

tantamergo - July 9, 2011

Hey Subvet, great to see you! I’m almost done reading that book on immigration you recommended. I’ll do a post on that soon, God willing.

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