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Wayward Knights enable abortion, gay marriage July 15, 2011

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I’ve written in the past about why I no longer feel I can be a member of the Knights of Columbus.  I recognize that many local councils do quite good work, but I feel the national leadership is more concerned with protecting their insurance business and playing the political game than they are promoting the good of the Church. 

There is a stunning e-mail circulating, apparently, from a priest who has categorized the numerous politicians, who are members of the Knights in good standing, who, through their legislative efforts, have helped keep abortion legal and made state recognition of homosexual couples simulating marriage a reality.  The list of Knights at the state and federal level who have supported legislation antithetical to the timeless Doctrine of the Faith is as long as it is disturbing.  The bedrock requirement for membership in the Knight’s of Columbus is to be a male, practicing Catholic.  Being a practicing Catholic means accepting all the Doctrine of the Faith, whether one’s priest or bishop does or not.  As judging by this e-mail, the sad apostasy that has pervaded so much of the Church has infected the Knights to no less a degree.  I know that many instances of this kind of public rejection of the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church has been brought to the attention of the senior leadership of the Knights at the state and national level.  Many local councils have tried to remove these apostate men from the ranks of their membership.  And yet, the national leadership has instituted a policy of specifically forbidding such removal from membership, for apparently political reasons.  Why, then, should I, or any other believing, practicing Catholic, consider the Knights a good and faithful Church institution? 

We are  in the midst of a cultural war, and it is total.  We, meaning those who hold traditional Catholic values, are losing badly.  We are losing badly for many reasons, but one of the prime reasons is that the Church is so badly divided on so many of these cultural issues.  The Church is divided because too much of the Church leadership (bishops, priests, etc.,), and too many Church organizations, have completely rolled over on issues like apostasy within the membership, and allowed not only dissent to flourish but to nearly fatally undermine the ability of the Church to provide a consistent voice of Christian morality in the public square. 

It is very telling that Supreme Knight Carl Andersen failed to mention the Right to Life or marriage in his 2010 address to the state conventions.   The simple fact of the matter is, by the Knight’s own Charter Constitution and Laws, state deputies can discipline or suspend the membership of any member who gives scandal to the Faith.  Voting for pro-abort or pro-gay marriage initiatives definitely counts as giving scandal.  The Knight’s upper leadership has essentially violated their own Constitution in order to continue giving cover to high profile members who also constitute the vanguard of the culture of death. 

Go read the e-mail.  It tells how high ranking leadership in the Knights have repeatedly blocked grass roots iniatives to have pro-abort/pro-gay marriage politicians removed from the ranks of the membership, and have denigrated those in the pro-life movement.  The Knight’s leadership refer to these politicians as “few” and “irrelevant…..” as the recent vote in New York shows, where two “Catholic Knights” provided the key margin of victory, even if they are relatively few, these politicians are far from irrelevant.

This is a scandal that continues to grow.  I will repeat, however: the Church is increasingly prostrate against the advance of the culture of death because of a refusal to enforce ecclesial discipline and the toleration, sometimes even seeming endorsement, of dissent, actually, apostasy, within the Church.  Until that changes, the Church will continue to fail in its opposition to the death enthralled pagan culture and will eventually face outright persecution – just as it did in AD 250.

Noted theologian Pelosi – Obama superior to Job July 15, 2011

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Well, he is their collectivist lord and savior, but I think declaring Obama’s patience to be superior to that of Job’s, whom God saw more pleasing than any other man at that time, and whom Satan tempted with immeasurable suffering (with God’s permission), is going a bit far.  All Obama has missed thus far is some bad golf:

Ostensibly, Pelosi is a daily Communicant, which is actually a gross sacrelidge.  I’m not sure she’s been paying much attention, given the statement above, but, then again, traditional adherence to the Faith is unlikely at any parish that will repeatedly allow her to receive the Blessed Sacrament unworthily.  Constant, ongoing, grave public sin demands public remorse and repentance…….

Perhaps a case could be made that her mind is not quite right, and she’s therefore unable to give full consent of the will?  Does Botox toxicity cause dain bramage?

Yes, I AM going to Confession today!  I have to get cleaned up before tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel July 15, 2011

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It’s important to talk to your mom on her special days.  If you’re not going to the Ordinations, you can go to Mass at the Carmelite Chapel at 7am.  Pray for Reverend Mother Juanita Marie!  Heck, pray for me!  I need so much help!

Three priests to be ordained tomorrow July 15, 2011

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Tomorrow, Saturday, July 16 three men will receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders to the priesthood of Jesus Christ at the Sacred Heart Cathedral downtown at 10am, Saturday, July 16!  The men are Arthur Unachukwu, Alan McDonald, and James Yamauchi.  I’ve known James for many years, and I have been praying especially hard for him, but I pray for all these men that they will grow into very good, orthodox priests with a complete love for Christ and His Holy Church!  I pray their apostolates are filled with so much Grace! 

If you’re going, you might want to get there early!  I pray I see some of you there!   And how about a great big DEO GRATIAS for three new priests!

That’s a photo taken in the Cathedral today.  Anyone remember this?

St. John Vianney, please pray that these men may emulate your holy priesthood in every way!

Awesome radio show last night July 15, 2011

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I don’t know how many people who read the blog listen to the ‘Life and Liberty’ radio show I’m on Thursday nights.  But, I thought we had a wing-dinger of a show.  Michael Voris was very edifying as we covered a number of topics, and we even got a call from Reverend Mother Juanita Marie at the Carmelite monastery in Dallas.  What a deal!  Please pray for Reverend Mother, she’s very sick! 

Michael Voris should be joining us at least for the next 2 weeks, so keep checking it out.  The opportunity to get these kinds of orthodox Catholic views on a secular radio station in a top 5 market is simply miraculous!  With God, anything is possible!  What a great Grace!

OH – there was a man who called in asking how contraception leads to divorce.  I failed to redirect the conversation to that topic, but there are many ways.  When a couple denies their fruitfulness to each other, there is a fundamental break in the marital union.  All marriages should be founded on a solid bedrock of faith in God.  One of the tenets of that faith should be obedience to God’s command to trust Him with our sexuality, our ability to procreate.  When we hold that back from our partner through contraceptive use, we are creating a barrier in the relationship that distances spouse from spouse and spouse from God.  The marital union is to be a complete and total giving of one spouse to another, but in using contraception, the spouses are saying to each other “this I will not give.”  They are also saying to God “you can control or influence my life here and here and here, but not HERE.  This far I will not go.”  And since our sexuality is such a powerful component of our lives, we’re holding a great deal back from God, telling Him we do not trust Him to provide for our material needs (or whatever the concern may be) when providing us with children – or not providing them, as He may Will. 

Contraception, then, implies an assertion of self at the expense of the marital union.  While the selfishness may be a joint decision, this selfishness can (and has, as is demonstrable in our culture) provide a seed bed for many further acts of selfishness that can further harm a marriage and lead to divorce.  Because contraception denies fecundity, it enables adultery, as, historically, one of the major deterrents to adultery was the risk of pregnancy.  Because contraception makes sex more about pleasure than about a union of spouses open to procreation, it enables or even encourages more such selfish pleasure through masturbation and porn use.  Of course, adultery and porn use are major drivers in divorce in today’s culture.  If we look at the changes in society that have occurred, widespread contraception use predated the explosion in the divorce rate, porn use, and adultery, by only a few years.  The corrosive effects of contraception did not take long to have devastating effect, and that devastation continues today.  This is not to say that there are not couples who have had successful marriages and have used contraception extensively, but they did so in spite of the contraception.  They were given the Grace to continue in their marriage, but many marriages were not so lucky

For Catholics, the orthodoxy, the “right belief” of the Church since its inception has been clear: contraceptive use is contrary to God’s Law and is always a grave offense against God.  That alone should be sufficient deterrent to prevent its use, but, sadly, in today’s culture, it is not.  And, so, Catholics in this country divorce at about the same rate as the general population.  However, couples that pray together regularly and who follow the traditional Doctrine of the Faith have infinitesimally small divorce rates.  There is great anecdotal evidence that those who try to be observant Catholics virtually never divorce.

“Shatnerpalooza?!?” Now I do sorta miss not having TV! July 15, 2011

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And I thought I was just giving up college football!  Now I’m missing Shatnerpalooza?!  What a sacrifice! 

Seriously, I would probably watch a fair amount of this, although Shatner has been in alot of schlock.

More pop schlock!  I love the beginning with McDivitt, Scott, and Schweickart getting ready for Apollo 9!  Warning, not kid-friendly for half a second @ 2:48.  Maybe questionable at 2:33-2:35.