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Vatican Bank president – small families ultimate cause of economic crisis July 21, 2011

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I’ve certainly said as much myself – that if Americans had had larger families over the last 40 years, we would not be in this current federal government debt disaster, because the economy would be 30-40% larger and we’d have way more working age people to pay for all those retirement benefits.  The media and elites act like the economic implosion caused by huge entitlements for the elderly – Social Security, Medicare – is a completely natural phenomena, that simply could not have been avoided.  It could have been completely avoided, if people had had 3 kids on average instead of 2. 

That’s not just me talking.  It’s also noted economist and financier Etorre Gotti Tedeschi, head of the Vatican Bank:

The aging population of the United States and European nations is the “true origin of the current economic crisis,” according to the president of the Vatican Bank.

“The ever-increasing percentage of people who retire from their productive phase becomes a fixed cost which is impossible to absorb and sustain by those who produce,” writes Ettore Gotti Tedeschi. “The costs of an aging population cannot be sustained by young people, who, in addition to being fewer, might also ask themselves why they should do so, especially if they are immigrants.”

“Faced with this reality, it is indispensable to have the courage to address the theme of births and aging of the population,” he continues, adding

To ignore it is dangerous and it has become unavoidable to define a strategy to concretely support families in their natural vocation to have children. Only in this way can real economic recovery be triggered. A two-income family today earns less than the same family thirty years ago earned with only one income. This is the consequence of the growth of taxes on the GDP, doubled in the same period, precisely as a means to absorb the consequences of aging due to the decrease in births. [We’re caught in a vicious cycle – low birth rates lead to higher tax rates as a population ages, requiring both parents to work for the same net income, producing pressure for still lower birth rates, etc.]

Higher birthrates can help both immediately and down the road.  People are both consumers and producers – people generally produce alot more than they consume if they are good, hard working people.  Having babies now generates demands for goods and services, leading to economic growth, and provides the human capital – the whole point of economics, anyways – for decades down the road.  Economic prosperity has always been associated with a growing population, historically.  Declining populations have always been associated with economic collapse.  We’re not declining in this country, but the world population will start to decline soon if people continue listen to the Malthusian misanthropic baby haters.  Like this guy:


1. Jeannon Kralj - July 21, 2011

This sounds good in theory, but when we have a small group of greedy internationalist banksters intent on imploding the U.S. economy and redistributing the wealth so that we will be a third world country, the theory does not work. Our jobs have been sent to other countries where people are slaved for slave wages.

People who have large families and who want to work hard and produce and take care of themselves are being punished at every turn of their lives in the current USA.

Capitalism, usury and our money system will never value human life and nuclear families. Capitalism and banksters want to grab up all of the world’s resources and rule the world. They truly worship Satan and eugenics and genocide are major tenets of their religion.

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