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The Church’s teaching on contraception is as sure as God is God July 22, 2011

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From RealCatholicTV, Dr. Martin Brenner discusses Contraception and the already descending new dark age.  It’s a little slow from 5:00-20:00, but in its totality it’s fantastic:


I said this was going to happen……. July 22, 2011

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……..and it’s already starting.  The New York government recognizing two men or women simulating marriage as the real thing, actual marriage, hasn’t even gone into effect yet, and already a major left wing media organ is arguing for a federal government intervention to allow for legal recognition of gays simulating marriage throughout the land:

If this all seems absurdly confusing, it is. The messy situation puts into stark relief the complexities that arise when only some states offer full equality to lesbians and gay men, and it highlights the shakiness of a discriminatory system that will continue to yield countless stories of hardship.

In the modern age, it’s not reasonable to expect that couples will stay in the states in which they marry. This presents huge complexities that need ironing out. Though marriage has always been regulated by individual states and is likely to remain a matter of state law, the Supreme Court has consistently recognized a federal constitutional right to marry.

Marriage is one of the oldest fundamental liberties the court acknowledges. In the not-too-distant future, the courts will rule on whether that liberty can be denied to same-sex couples.

In the case of Perry vs. Schwarzenegger, the federal challenge to Proposition 8, lawyer Ted Olson consistently refers to his clients’ fundamental right to marry under the federal Constitution. Denying someone the right to marry the person of their choosing, he asserts, is unconstitutional.

The experiences of legally married couples moving to other states puts the issue in sharp relief. People are entering into marriage only to find themselves in legal limbo when a new job or family circumstances necessitate a move. Constitutional principles of due process and equal protection cannot tolerate such discriminatory treatment based solely on sexual orientation.

Douglas NeJaime is an associate professor of law at Loyola Law School.

Hah hah hah…..professor of law at Loyola Law School, which we are assured is a law school “in the Jesuit tradition.”  Apparently, the Jesuit tradition supports the government creating “rights” (such as a “right to marry”), completely absent from the actual Constitution, and using the power of the state to force everyone, especially the Catholic Church, to not only recognize how wonderful those newly minted “rights” are, but through the power of the state to use its police power to force the Church and her faithful into absolute obeisance on this issue, proclaiming how wonderful and holy it is for this sickness to be enshrined in law.  Because that is what they want, and this will be the vehicle for the new persecution.  Already, people are being fired from jobs, bullied from speaking, and even having physical threats of violence made (and occasionally acted upon) because they speak of the eternal Truth Christ has revealed through His Church – that homosexual acts are always gravely sinful and the homosexual orientation is fundamentally disordered.

Woot triple Woot Hoot! Plano Planned Barrenhood closing July 22, 2011

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This location didn’t perform abortions, but this is still awesome.  I got this e-mail from a local Catholic pro-life committee member and dedicated prayer warrior:

When we arrived at Plano Health Services on Summit Ave. (Planned Parenthood) this morning for our weekly rosary and public sign witness, there were large signs on the door stating that they were closing in late August due to the budget cuts by the legislature.  I just feel tremendously grateful to our Mighty God who is winning these battles for us and to the  prayer warriors who stood on the sidewalk praying and holding signs weekly in all kinds of weather and to all who fought the good fight and would not give up in the darkest days as the Texas legislature tried again and again to defund Planned Parenthood.   As Karen Garnett [Head of Dallas Catholic Pro-Life Committee and a great pro-life leader] said so prophetically last November, quoting from a fellow pro lifer, “It is time for the miraculous.”    We have one more clinic to go in Plano and then we can move on to other locations. 

What a great blessing!  Even though his Plano Planned Barrenhood location didn’t perform abortions, they “fed” many abortions to their abattoire in Dallas.  I know many have prayed for years for this to happen!  God be praised! 


We must tend to unity with God July 22, 2011

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From Divine Intimacy, Fr. Gabriel of Mary Magdalen OCD, Chapter 228 The Divine Essence:

God is Being, the infinitely perfect Being who possesses all perfections, without defects and without limits, God is the infinitely good, beautiful, wise, just, merciful, omnipotent Being. All these perfections are not accidental qualities in Him, as they are in man, who may be more or less beautiful, good, or wise, without ceasing to be a man. In God, however, these perfections are essential; that is, they belong to the very nature of the Divine Being……….We need many words to speak of God (good, wonderful, etc.,) but God is not many things; He is teh One Being, par excellence: One in the Trinity of His Persons, One in the multiplicity of His Perfections, One in the variety of His Works, One in His Thought, Will, and Love.

Therefore, you who have been created to the image and likeness of God ought to tend to unity. Your spiritual life is weak because it lacks unity. Examine your heart and see what a multiplicity of affections and preoccupations fill it; yes, you love God, but, together with Him, you also cherish your pride, comfort, and interests.  You love God, but at the same time, you love some creature with a disordered affection, that is, in a way and in a measure that does not please God. You are attached to these people, to these things – objects, money, occupations – which give you satisfaction…..and all these affections, these attachments weight upon you, drive you in a thousand different directions, dispersing your strength and preventing you from seeking the one thing necessary: “to love God and serve Him only.” (The Imitation of Christ, Book I, Chapter 1). The more you lack profound unity – unity of affections, desires, and intentions – the weaker you will be and the more greatly will they will endanger your interior life, for, as Jesus said, “Every kingdom divided against itself shall be brought to desolation” (Lk 11:17). Look then, at God, the Sovereign Unity, and beseech Him to help you have unity in yourself.

Only God, the Infinite Being, eternal Life, can communicate life, can give existence.  Would it be too much, then, for us to consecrate our whole life and being to His service and Glory?  If we are living for God, we are living for life; if we live for ourselves, we are living for nothing, for death.

A couple of comments: I need to observe that direction given above more than anyone.  I have more disordered attachments than……alot of people, anyway.  I’m really a severe hypocrite – I can read and then write all this beautiful, timeless Catholic Truth, and then, do I live it?  Not so well.  I am probably the last person that should be read by anyone!  So don’t read me, read the above, I just transcribed it!

Dominus vobiscum!

Fun weekend topic – which Saints would you put on Mt. Rushmore? July 22, 2011

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Larry D has a great diversionary topic at Acts o’ the Apostasy.  He asks which 4 Saints you would put on Mt. Rushmore.  Go over and leave your answers! 

As for me, I’d say St. Peter in the place of George Washington, St. Paul in the place of Jefferson, St. Gregory the Great in the place of Lincoln, and……..Pope St. Gregory VII in the place of Roosevelt.  Why the last two – Pope St. Gregory oriented the Church for survival in the dark ages, just as Lincoln ‘saved’ the country during the Civil War (or, the War of Northern Aggression), and Pope St. Gregory VII oriented the Church for its role of dominance in the affairs of men during the Middle Ages, just as Roosevelt laid much of the groundwork for the modern, dominant version of the federal government.