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Contraception is the center point for most dissent and error in the Church July 26, 2011

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That is the p0int made by Michael Voris in the videos below.  I have thought this myself for some time – that the widespread ‘dissent’ from the Church’s Doctrine on contraception is the centrality around which so much of the theological and liturgical chaos in the Church turns.  It is very rare for a person to reject just one Doctrine of the Faith.  Typically, there is a  key issue that causes the rejection, and then others flow from that.  The 2nd video is long, but it is very worth watching.  From the moment Humanae Vitae was released, explicitly confirming the constant belief of the Church regarding contraception, ‘dissent’ was widespread and instantaneous. 

I have only a couple of times heard a priest address contraception in a sermon.  (UPDATE: I was thinking about that more – I have heard one priest mention the topic once in a sermon (he was not local), but there are three priests who have discussed it at length.  But out of dozens of priests I’ve heard give sermons, those are the only 3 that have ever addressed the topic with much regularity and seriousness.)  Because the topic has gone unaddressed so long, it is that much harder to address, now.  A priest presenting the Church’s constant belief on this subject is sure to face a hostile reaction.  Attendance and donations may fall.  But, the consequences of NOT presenting this facet of Church Doctrine will grow even more grim with time – a greatly reduced number of new Catholics, marriages dissolving, reduced vocations, plunging levels of belief and adherence to other Doctrines, cultural decline, etc.  Delaying treatment of a serious illness just makes the treatment, when finally applied, that much more difficult.

I pray the Church’s Doctrine on sex, love, marriage, and contraception will be much more boldly and forthrightly proclaimed from the pulpit, now and into the future.


1. Cori Hyland - July 27, 2011

The only time I’ve heard a priest addressing contraception from the pulpit (other than on television) was one in Nashville…who spoke FOR it.

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