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Intercessors of the Lamb, Euteneuer, Corapi, now Voris? July 26, 2011

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Many of my readers have likely seen Fr. Z’s request for prayers regarding the devil being abroad and roaring like a lion.  We have seen many fall in the last few months, and I can tell you that there are big guns directed at Michael Voris right now.  Shea unloaded on Voris for a video he produced over a year ago on the hymn Amazing Grace, and how it is protestant in nature and as such isn’t the most fitting hymn for the Mass. There have been numerous other attacks, and there is an ongoing issue with the Archdiocese of Detroit over whether RealCatholicTV and Voris meet “diocesan media protocols,” which is a way to say that the Archdiocese has not been given veto power over Voris’ content.  Some take this lack of “meeting protocols” as somehow meaning he is “banned” from speaking on Church property.  That’s not the case, but those opposed to Voris’ style can use this now convenient excuse as a reason to refuse him the ability to speak at Church facilities in many locales.  And now the World Youth Day folks have issued an ‘unprecedented’ statement on a private Catholic traveling to Madrid in conjunction with WYD, apparently trying to make sure Catholics know that he is not a formal representative of WYD.  Which is odd, because Voris never claimed to be.

In addition to his statement about the devil being about, Fr. Z has also noted that a ‘progressive’ counterpunch to the gains more traditional or orthodox Catholics have made of late is in the offing.  Are all these occurrences related to that? 

I personally value Voris’ work greatly.  I think we need strong, uncompromising voices in the Church.  I think we need voices that speak for orthodoxy and hold the leadership to account – they are, after all, entrusted with the promulgation of that orthodoxy throughout the Church. Some may not like his ‘tone.’  But tone does not justify the ‘unprecedented’ efforts that are underway to extinguish this voice as one crying in the wildnerness. 

I’m not saying “can’t we all just get along.”  I’ve certainly been critical of plenty of folks in the Church in the past.  But, before going off, maybe check your motivations.  It’s not always easy to keep one’s personal preferences separated from what one feels is ‘good for the Church.’


1. Cori Hyland - July 27, 2011

Yes, I saw some of this spilling over onto FB pages today. Can’t get over how obnoxious certain apologists are getting these days. Makes me want to “unfriend” many people.

2. thewhitelilyblog - July 27, 2011

Hi, all! Just checking in, but read this post with personal attention and hope and pray I’m working toward the good. I am not blogging much, or following the ebb and flow of the discussion, but I have forty thousand words of my science fiction novel finished (I have got my claustrophobic young bishop to the colony, cured by his first vision of space from outside as he goes to administer the last rites to an injured Catholic on the ISS, and now he begins his underground ministry on the colony–really underground, in the ‘Combs). A small novel is about seventy five thousand miles, so I have roughly another forty thousand to get them off the colony and hiding in the Oort Cloud in space’s first Catholic state/asteroid. Also I have got a supply of TAN books together, and am conducting a walking apostolate with them via a lovely basket I designed (like the kind girls used to sell cigarettes from, with a strap), going to busy areas. How do you think I am received? Rather well! It is surprising, and I recommend you try it some time, since ordinary people are receiving hardly any Catholic education. If you see any sources of traditional Spanish material, please come over and tell me–can’t find it myself, even in Spain, but my search words are more limited in Spanish. Not modern, post Vatican II books; they exist, unfortunately, in great abundance. Cheap traditional ones–like at TAN. The people are so hungry for them! A woman counted out two dollars in change to me, a donation, she said, in case I find any to buy. Be well, hope you and your families are enjoying the summer.

tantamergo - July 28, 2011

I am so glad you came by, JB! Keep coming back, please! Sorry, I didn’t notice this comment until today! I very much admire what your doing with the books!

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