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It is in Jesus that we find everything we need July 26, 2011

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Divine Intimacy, Chapter 231:

It is in Jesus and in His Redemption that we find everything we need for the nourishment and life of our souls; it is in Him that we shall find the Grace, love, faith, and the encouragement to virtue we need………But how does it happen that we are always falling?  Why are we always so miserable? [I think the author means, generally, as humans, not necessarily particularly] [The reason is that]…..we are not yet wholly dead with Christ, because the ‘old man’ in us has not yet been crucified to the point of our no longer being slaves on sin.  In a word, if we wish to live fully the life that Christ acquired for us by His death, we must first die with Him. As this does not mean material death of the body but spiritual death to our faults and passions, this death must be continually renewed. “Quotidie morior,” I die daily (1 Cor 15:31).  This weakness of our spiritual life is caused by the insufficiency of death to self. 

[Then, to quote St. Teresa of Jesus (Interior Castle, II, 1):

Ah! My Lord, your help is absolutely necessary for me; without You I can do nothing! In Your mercy, O God, do not allow my soul to be deceived and to give up the work it has begun. Give me light to know that my whole welfare depends on perseverance [in the Faith]

Make me understand that my faith in you  must rise above my misery, and that I must never be alarmed if I feel weak and fearful. I must make allowance for the flesh, remembering what You said, O Jesus, in Your prayer in the garden: “The flesh is weak…’ If you said that Your Divine and sinless flesh was weak, how can I expect mine to be so strong that it does not feel afraid? O Lord, I do not wish to be preoccupied with my fears nor to be discouraged at my weakness. On the contrary, I wish to trust in Your mercy, and to have no confidence whatever in my own strength, convinced that my weakness comes from depending on myself.

That’s me – always trying to do on my own, when I should depend on Grace to sustain me, and allow me to overcome my faults.  But I am weak, and prideful, and constantly assert my will over God’s, my capabilities over the soft flowing of Grace into my soul.  It is a difficult thing.  I am glad to have free will, so that I can learn to give it up as a mortification to God.  But it is hard, and this culture that glorifies self-assertiveness, self-seeking, and pleasure does not make it any easier. 

Lord, send me your sustaining Grace, so I may die to self and only live for You, and through You, for others.  I pray that I may grow weak, so that You will grow strong within me.

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