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Bishop Hubbard and Seton’s ‘gay ministry’ July 28, 2011

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Bishop Howard Hubbard, the long time and, I am sorry to say, disastrously heterodox bishop of Albany, NY, is going to celebrate a Mass for the national convention of something called the “Catholic” Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry.  As reported by Thomas Peters at CatholicVote:

Bishop Hubbard’s association with the “Catholic” Association for Lesbian & Gay Ministry presents a scandal to members of his whole diocese, who are being dutifully informed of his activities in their parish bulletins (imagine having to explain this news item to your kids?). Numerous distressed Catholics from the diocese emailed me to alert me to this story. It’s not the first time they’ve found themselves in the position of trying to figure out what on earth their bishop is up to.

What he’s up to, is what he’s been up to for over 30 years – he’s destroying the Faith in Albany through his heterodox left wing views, guided by that false and illusory ‘spirit’ of Vatican II.  Peters had to issue an update to his post, because, apparently, some commenters claimed that this “Catholic” Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry was just a really wonderful and faithful Catholic organization.  Peters easily finds extensive evidence this is not the case.  Peters adds these comments:


As I’ve written before, groups and individuals that dissent from the Church’s teaching on these issues are smart enough to hide it from plain view. The real damage happens in the actual encounters and private sessions they host (where they are careful to exclude persons who actually agree with the Church’s teaching).


I think it says a lot about what they are attempting to do when they are forced to be deceptive about how they accomplish it.


I wrote a year ago  about the ‘gay ministry’ at St. Elizabeth Seton parish in Plano using materials that were counter to the Faith.  This ministry, supported by now departed pastor Msgr. Henry Petter and called ‘Outstretched Hands,’ is still using these ‘Lets Talk About Homosexuality’ materials in support of this “outreach” group.  Judging from the parish website, I conclude that this “outreach” group is oriented not towards encouraging gays to live in chastity in accord with the beliefs of the Church, and may even encourage ‘changing’ Church Doctrine regarding homosexuality and homosexual acts, and promoting the view that homosexuals should never be condemned for the acts they commit by anyone in the Church.  On the Seton website, there is this statement regarding the “mission statement” of the this gay ministry: “Trusting in God’s Grace, we look forward to the fulfillment of our vision of a church that will joyfully accept and embrace All God’s Children.”  I don’t take this statement to mean embracing gays who repent of homosexual activities and strive to live chaste lives, I take it to mean embracing homosexuals who are deeply embued in the lifestyle and confirming them in that lifestyle.  In the ‘frequently asked questions’ section of the web page, there are allusions that unchanging, unchangeable Church Doctrine on homosexuality may, in fact, change, due to “progressive revelation of the Spirit,”  in addition to novel and heterodox interpretations of Sacred Scripture. And the apparently still being used ‘Let’s Talk About Homosexuality’ materials make plain that homosexual acts are just great, and endorses gays simulating marriage being recognized as equivalent to “real” marriage by law. 

If all the above is correct, and I have no reason to believe it is not,  it would appear the emphasis of ‘Outstretched Hands’ is to confirm gays in their homosexuality, including homosexual acts, and does not provide a strong call to chastity, or embrace them with the true love that is the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church.  It exchanges comfortable political views and soft sentimentality for the sometimes hard Truth that has been revealed, and has been unchanging, through 2000 years of Church history.  I remind that ALL CATHOLICS are called to chastity throughout their lives.  Homosexual acts and the active homosexual lifestyle preclude chastity.  I don’t know if gays are ‘born that way.’  There is no no strong evidence that is so.  But we are all born with a fallen nature that predisposes us to sin.  Some have more tendency to sin than others.  Failing to correct the sinner is a grave moral defect.  This failure is, in fact, a sin itself.  We have so  much misplaced sentiment in the Church today – permissiveness masquerades as tolerance, sentimentality for love, lies for Truth.  We must cling fast to the Church and its Rock – that is our only sure guide.  Railing against that Truth only brings misery. 

There is a new pastor at Seton.  I pray that Msgr. Bradley reviews, personally and in detail, the ‘Outstretched Hands’ ministry.  If it fully endorses Catholic Doctrine and encourages chastity at all times, it could be a great tool for God’s Holy Church.  Perhaps it is strongly orthodox, and the webpage and anecdotal evidence I’ve heard is simply out of date.  Perhaps a change was made last year in response to my original blog posts (although Msgr. Petter refuted that possiblity via e-mail, at the time).  If not, I pray that the folks at Seton strongly consider bringing in COURAGE to overhaul their gay ministry.  Courage is a very strong Catholic organization, and one of the few ministries that truly serves homosexuals with mercy, charity, truth, and justice.

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