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Catholic Health Association offers double talk on contraception mandate August 3, 2011

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As was predicted by many, Obamacare is rapidly turning into a vehicle to advance various shibolleths of the left, two of the most important which are “free” contraception and abortions for all.  The contraception shoe was the first to drop, with the dour pro-abort Kathleen Sebelius of the Obama Administration claiming that ALL insurance plans must cover contraception, including abortifacient contraception, including insurance plans offered by religious entities like Catholic hospitals. 

During the run-up to the passage of Obamacare, Obama and congressional dems had no better friend than the Catholic Health Association (CHA) and their appointed leader, Sr. Carol Keehan.  In point of fact, Obamacare would not have passed except for the critical cover given by CHA and apostate religious sisters, which allowed ostensibly pro-life democrat members of Congress to vote for Obamacare by claiming it was endorsed by the Church, when it was in fact opposed by most bishops and every pro-life group.  Repeatedly during the Obamacare debate, CHA maintained that Obamacare would have ‘robust conscience clause’ protections to insure that the Church and others committed to the sanctity of life would not have to pay for contraception, abortifacients, or outright abortion, in spite of the fact that every single reputable pro-life group claimed that the conscience clauses were worthless.  Well, now that Obamacare is being implemented, ALL insurance carriers must fund contraception, including abortifacients, and CHA is whining rather duplicitously “but, but but…….you promised there would be exemptions for US!:”

The Catholic Health Association (CHA)–which broke with the nation’s bishops by supporting health-care legislation passed in March 2010–has expressed its concern about a new mandate that requires private insurers to provide women with coverage for FDA-approved contraception.

A “religious employer” is exempt from the requirement only if it “primarily serves persons who share its religious tenets”– effectively preventing Catholic hospitals from making use of the exemption.

“CHA is very concerned about the inadequacy of the conscience protections with respect to the coverage of contraception,” the organization stated. “As it stands, the language is not broad enough to protect our Catholic health providers. Catholic hospitals are a significant part of this nation’s health care, especially in the care of the most vulnerable. It is critical that we be allowed to serve our nation without compromising our conscience.”

Hey CHA, guess what?  Obama doesn’t care about your little “conscience clause” concerns now – he has what he wanted, a vehicle for socializing a huge sector of the US economy, and he doesn’t need you anymore.  He’s going to try to appeal to his base, which is alot more than just little CHA, by insuring that those elements of their faith system most sacrosanct are implemented, and nothing is more sacrosanct to today’s secular left than “free” contraception and abortion.  The abortion shoe hasn’t dropped, yet, but it will – the Obama administration will demand that abortion be covered as another ‘preventative’ health service for women, like contraception.  And, soon, unless Obamacare is somehow stopped (increasingly unlikely), the Church will have the choice of either funding contraception or paying fines and no longer providing insurance for its employees.  What a splendid position you put the Church in!  Thanks! 

CHA and Sister Keehan, don’t say you weren’t warned – the bishops tried to tell you that Obamacare would lead to mandates for contraception, pro-life groups tried to tell you, bloggers tried to tell you, but you held myopically to your vision of that other shibolleth of the left – “free” health care for all!  You chose that over the guidance of the Church and the clear evidence in the bill that became Obamacare. 

It’s rather late to whine now.

D’OH!  Much more here.  Keehan actually came out saying that this mandate does NOT include abortifacients, which, in the words of CMR, is a “shocking and disgusting untruth.”  Every other outlet has reported that the most offensive aspect of the mandate is that it DOES force coverage of the abortifacient drug, “Ella,” that causes the death and loss of an implanted embryo – also known as an early abortion.  This isn’t even in the realm of possible confusion.  This is nothing but pathetic partisan pandering (alliteration!). 

She just can’t stop shilling for this guy.  It must be the pant crease.


1. Colleen Hammond - August 3, 2011

Notice that Obama is taking up where Planned Parenthood left off? First, we defund PP…now the Obama Admins are funding the same stuff. Catch-22.

tantamergo - August 3, 2011

Yep, and chasing after Planned Parenthood could be a big head fake, getting pro-lifers to chase after one part of the abortion industry while insinuating abortion into every hospital and doctor’s office in the country through Obamacare. We’ll find out.

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