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Voris on the collapse of the Faith in Spain August 11, 2011

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Spain was for centuries one of the most indelibly Catholic countries in the world.  A hugely bloody and divisive civil war was fought between 1936 and 1939 between left wing radicals and communists and those who adhered to a more traditional view of society – paramount in this traditional view was living the Faith openly and forthrightly.  Catholicism was deeply imbued into all of Spanish culture then.  And though Franco tried to keep the Church at the forefront of Spanish life during his long reign (1939 – 1975), the Faith is now in full retreat, almost near collapse, in Spain.  The same cultural forces that led to the brutal martyrdom of thousands of priests, many bishops, and countless thousands more of lay faithful, are still at work in Spain, and they are ascendent now.  There is no Franco to stand in their way:

I have heard it said that Spain cannot be Spain without the Church.  We may be about to find out.  Read The Last Crusade by Dr. Warren Carroll for a good appreciation of the religious aspects of the Spanish Civil War.


1. Dave Dlg - August 12, 2011

Voris, telling it like it is once again!

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