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Please pray for Benedict! – UPDATED August 12, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, sadness.

My little boy broke his arm pretty badly yesterday. He has to have surgery today.

If you would, in your charity, say a prayer for him, I would greatly appreciate it, as would my entire family.  I’m going to be out at the hospital likely for the remainder of the day.  May God bless you for your charity.

UPDATE: He’s out of surgery, and doing pretty well.  God bless you for your prayers!


1. Dave Dlg - August 12, 2011

Will do!

2. Lilyrose - August 12, 2011

Will pray immediately.

3. Cori Hyland - August 13, 2011

Oh goodness! Little boys are so crazy! God bless you guys. It must’ve been quite a break to have to have surgery. Keep us posted on his progress.

4. Mary - August 13, 2011

he broke his humerus at the growth plate, where it connects at the elbow. The piece was pushed over and skewed. The doc had to manipulate it back in place, put pins in to keep it in place, then put a cast from his fingers to his armpit. Poor little guy was NOT happy.

But today, he’s feeling fine and playing. The doc warned us that soon he will find his cast makes a great club…

5. Father Jack Hopka, SFO - August 14, 2011

Pax eT Bonum.

Peace and every blessing.

Father Jack Hopka, SFO

tantamergo - August 14, 2011

Hey, thanks alot, Fr. Hopka. Benedict is doing ok – not great, but OK. He has two pins in his arm. Thanks for your prayers.

6. Colleen Hammond - August 16, 2011

He looked so sad at Mass…especially when he was being carried up for Communion! Bless his heart…

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