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Tonsures in action! August 15, 2011

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A video of Lauds at the Benedictine Abbey of Le Barroux in France:

More here:

The tonsure used to be so strongly associated with the priesthood or monastic life that giving someone a tonsure would automatically mean they had to become a priest/monk.  That’s a pretty poor way to obtain vocations, which probably explains some of the abuses in the medieval Church.  Some men were forced into religious life in that manner.  But as a symbol of a life totally consecrated to God (voluntarily!), I’m all for it.

Then, ripping off from New Liturgical Movement in a different vein, but remaining in France, a Catholic Cathedral like I’ve never seen before, Sainte-Cecile d’Albi:

Such elaborate, detailed, comprehensive painting, it looks rather Byzantine/Orthodox.  It’s striking.  Makes my heart just <sigh>.  To meditate in such a structure, with such reminders of aspects of the Sacred Scripture and the Faith – I don’t think I’d ever run out of things to meditate on!

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