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Moral revulsion – the “twin reduction” abortion August 17, 2011

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I first saw this New York Times Magazine a couple of days ago, about women, healthy, wealthy women, who have undergone invitro fertilization, deciding to have one of the subsequents twins who survived implantation aborted.  Women who have gone to great expense (often partly borne by all of us) to have children, equally often because they waited until very late in life to decide to do so (having checked all of life’s other boxes of interest to them, they moved on to this one with the same determination which has made them so accomplished in other fields, I suspect), turn around and then abort one of the twins God gave them.

I have twins.  One of them has a funny quirk.  She likes to be very close to people and to touch them very gently.  It has a kind of pacifier effect for her.  I suspect it’s because she did that with her sister when they were developing in my wife.  But, with this “twin-reduction,” one of the kids is killed, but stays in utero until birth.  So you have one live child in there with a dead one.  That must make childbirth from something wondrous to something hideous, but I digress.  I think about my daughter in my wife’s tummy, rubbing her sister, who was just killed by a heart stopping injection.  Would she notice?  I’m sure the twin notices – the thing next to them that used to move and fight for space is suddenly still.  Observing my twins, I think this could have a powerful, and possibly very negative, psychological effect – they are close, very close, and one in particular really seems to share something very deep with her sister, something I think she got in utero.  I’m not sure what it is, but it’s a connection, and I’ve seen other twins have that, too.  It’s devastating to me to think that parents are intentionally having one of those twins killed, because, they say, they’ll be better able to take care of the one that survives pregnancy.  That’s an incredible statement – we must kill one child so the other one can go to a better daycare, or…….whatever!  It reveals a moral poverty so profound I don’t know how to address it.  It seems for some folks, having children is all about what it means for the parents, satisfying and pleasing them.  This is why I say that for some people (and the number is growing), children seem to be an ornament on their lives.  It’s just another box for high achievers to check off.

I know that’s not fair, but this is beyond repugnant.  It’s so alien to me, I don’t know how to process this kind of behavior, and I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of days.  Alot of these people already have kids, and yet they’re choosing to abort one of their twins! 

I know pro-lifers are talking about this issue as a big way to force people to understand the horror of pro-abort logic, and I admit it reveals just how false all that “logic” is.  Even pro-aborts are having a hard time defending this. But I can’t get excited about using this issue, it’s just too close to home.

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