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In honor of the latest silliness…… August 18, 2011

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…..how about a RCTV video blast?!?

And so folks know that RCTV is not all Voris all the time, here’s the 4th part of Dr. Martin Brenner’s excellent four part series on contraception and the sexual ethic:

There are more people who think like Voris, than who are active and yet also heterodox Catholics.  But there are forces trying to discredit him and RealCatholicTV, as they have tried to discredit others.  They have no, or very very few, facts on their side, so they must resort to personal attacks, rumor, and innuendo – in short, detraction, even calumny (I’m not saying the CNA article is calumny, but I’ve seen comments that are).  Detraction and calumny are mortal sins.


1. Colleen Hammond - August 19, 2011

Good stuff…

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