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Definitely not for kids – kiddie lingerie August 23, 2011

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Get the kids out of the room before watching! This has got to be a pederast’s dream:

Talk about the collapse of modesty.  This compnay has teeny tiny young girls parading around like Victoria’s Secret models.  Good grief – see through panties for 6 year olds?  I’m telling you, this is the next big push in the attack on morals – sexualizing children, normalizing pedophilia, and making these amoral, unnatural desires seem healthy and regular.  There are elements in our society that would like to see children completely sexualized – from Planned Parenthood and their amoral ‘education’ (really, seduction) programs, that teach children about all kinds of things they don’t need to know, to the lascivious ads for various fashion merchants who use young girls (and boys) in a sexual manner, to the posts I did recently on the push to remove much (or all) of the taboo regarding pedophilia.  This society is so incredibly schizophrenic – we dress kids in full body armor before letting them ride a bike, but at the same time we try to turn them into little waify porn stars at kindergarten ages. 

But that’s the left.  That’s the ‘Brave New World’ – everything is controlled, ordered, ‘planned’ and dominated by oppressive governmental busybodies, except sex – that is a totally unconstrained free for all (in fact, encouraged by the government).  That’s the exchange many on the left want to make – government control over all aspects of life except sexuality and morality.  There, hedonism is to reign.  It is literally Aldous Huxley’s vision come to life. 

h/t Les Femmes – The Truth


1. Mary - August 24, 2011

Don’t think this won’t sell – moms will think it’s cute, kids want to be like their moms, grown up. I went to school with a girl who proudly showed us her underclothing one time, we were only 7 at the time. And no, she didn’t need it.

This is sick. The left wants to kill the baby before birth. Then they want to impose so many restrictions it makes the mom crazy, then they want to turn the child into a sl.t and teach them things they don’t need to know, all before the child turns 8.

2. jack off - August 27, 2011

all the supporters of this belong behind bars or underground
(in a coffin)

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