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Michael Voris on radio tonight September 8, 2011

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I will be on Life and Liberty with Vicki and Jim Middleton tonight, with special guest Michael Voris.  Be sure to tune in at 8pm on 660 KSKY.


That 40% abortion rate in NYC? 56% are repeats September 8, 2011

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But, I thought it was that terrible, 19th century, sexually repressed abstinence education that was at fault for abortion?  It must really stick, since 56% of those who receive abortions in NYC are repeats, and over a third had their abortions paid for by Medicaid:

Also at the Chiaroscuro Foundation’s request, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene revealed that in 2009 48,627 of the 87,273 abortions in New York City, or 56%, were repeat abortions. 33,401, 38%, were paid for by Medicaid.

I like the Hyde Amendment, but it’s mostly a smokescreen.  It is laughably easy to get a doctor to say an abortion is “medically necessary” and have the government (that is, you and me) pick up the tab.  In NYC, 38% of abortions are paid for by the government.  There must be alot of gravely ill women getting pregnant in New York.  Must be something in the air.

US Catholics ignore bishop’s political guidance September 8, 2011

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If there were ever a ‘duh’ headline, it would be that one, but here’s some data:

Only 16% of American Catholics [about the same percentage who assist at Mass most or every week]  are acquainted with the “Faithful Citizenship” documents released by the US bishops’ conference as a guide for voters, a new survey shows. Only 3% have actually read the bishops’ advice. [Dear me, that’s just pathetic]

Among those Catholics who are aware of the “Faithful Citizenship” documents, 71% reported that the bishops’ advice would not affect their voting behavior. Thus only 4.6% of the American Catholic surveyed indicated that the documents from the bishops’ conference would have an influence on their political decisions. [that’s impossible, given that only 3% of Catholics have actually read it]

It just goes to show, I probably waste my breath, er…….fingers?……getting up in arms about anything the USCCB does, because no one pays any attention to it.  I don’t really mean it, but it’s pretty sad that even the weak ‘Faithful Citizenship’ document, which didn’t really say much of anything other than “do what you want!”, is almost totally ignored.  But then again, ‘Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship’ was so watered down, so mealy mouthed, it was almost useless to read.  Wherever ‘voting consciences’ of Catholics are being formed, it obviously isn’t by the USCCB.  I suspect, for the most part, the 97% of Catholics who have not read it are formed by their own political outlook, the media, their neighbors, etc., etc.  I wonder how much are formed by serious self-examination and prayer?

And the wheels keep inexorably flying off.

40 Days For Life Campaign meeting tonight September 8, 2011

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The fall 40 Days For Life campaign will start on September 28th.  Tonight, Sept. 8, there will be a planning, organizing, and kick off meeting at Gaston Oaks Baptist Church (zuh?) at 8515 Greenville Ave, across from the Southwest Women’s Surgery abortuary (NW corner of Greenville and Royal in Dallas).  All details below.  The meeting starts at 7pm.  After the meeting, be sure to tune into Life and Liberty radio on 660 AM KSKY at 8 – we’ll have special guest Michael Voris on tonight! 

All details on the planning event attached below:


I’m defeated! September 8, 2011

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I wrote a post a year ago about the September 11 attacks and Blessed Pope John Paul II’s baffling kissing of a koran.  That post is my number one post ever – simply because it references people falling from the WTC towers.  I can see the google searches that result in hits, and people are looking for information on the 9/11 jumpers.  I have a time limit on comments on this blog, so I don’t know what people think about that post, but I’ve gotten over 2500 hits on that post in the last week alone.  So, out of all my efforts at Catholic apologetics and my numerous spittle flecked, near incoherent rants, and even my serious attempts at helping to give some formation in the Faith, have all been naught – what has been my number 1 post ever is a kind of quick, relatively throw-away (in that I did not put much effort in it) post I did on Sept. 11 a year ago. 

My dear Lord, thank you for the lesson in humility, which I badly need. 

I still think about that day, especially now, I guess, as we are nearing the 10th anniversary of that heinous day.  Although we don’t have a TV anymore, and so don’t have to be awash in the wall to wall media coverage surely ongoing, I am not ignorant of the history.  The September 11 attacks were not a ‘tragedy.’  It set my teeth on edge when I heard the media constantly using that misappelation, as if the attacks were some act of nature that just could not be avoided.  They were atrocities, carried out with willful intent to murder as many Americans as possible, done in the name of a religion that has a sad history of attacking those it views as enemies, especially Christians (this does not mean Christians do not have their own sad history, but islam has been, from its inception, a religion uniquely propagated not through peaceful conversion or evangelization, but at the point of a sword).  That the media continually referred to them as ‘tragedies’ revealed both the increasing moral cowardice of what remains of Western culture and the sad inability of many in our culture to recognize evil when they see it.  We still have numerous individuals in this country who believe this nation somehow ‘deserved’ the attacks, or, incredibly, that they were perpetrated by elements in our own government.  These beliefs reflect the fundamental collapse of both reason and trust – trust not only in the government of this nation, but in the very tenets of its foundational culture.  To believe that this nation’s support for Israel (or presence in Saudi Arabia, or……..)somehow ‘earned’ these attacks, or that there are elements in the government who would not think twice about murdering thousands of its own citizens for some ill-defined policy goal (Halliburton service contracts?  The PATRIOT Act?  Enriching defense contractors? take your pick), reveals an antipathy towards one’s fellow man, towards one’s country and its elected/appointed leaders, that simply beggars the imagination.  It also reveals fear – some people would rather believe that there are massive conspiracies afoot that secretly control events, preferring that imaginary, ordered reality to the actual reality of weak, fallen man struggling against nature, evil in the hearts of men, and great spiritual enemies, against which our best efforts often lead to nothing more than disaster, and frequently worse. 

I heard a sermon recently, about rash judgment and its causes.  It is very worth listening to.

I pray for the victims of the atrocities of 9/11.  I pray for those who perpetrated them, and those who would like to do even worse.  I pray that they may all reject false religions and satan and his lies, and embrace the Truth that only comes from Christ Jesus.  I pray that the Catholic Faith may be lived with Gospel fervor, charity, and adherence to the Doctrine of the Faith.  That is the only path to true peace in the world.