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Fighting against same-sex simulation of marriage will do not good….. September 13, 2011

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……until we, as a Church, fight against the ultimate root cause for the reduction of marriage to just a conference of benefits from the state to various groups of people who claim an emotional/sexual bond.  And what are the root causes of the collapse of understanding of what marriage really is?  Divorce and contraception, according to Dr. Jeff Mirus:

[After noting that the bishops of Scotland have taken a rather strong stand against same-sex “marriage,” Mirus goes on:]

What the bishops in Scotland are saying is good; it is very good. But we need to remember that all this was predictable. It could have been foreseen. Yet very few bishops in Scotland or anywhere else in the world took any significant steps to strike at the root of the problem.

Now what would striking at the root mean? It would mean confronting contraception and divorce with exactly the same vigor as the bishops are now showing in their rhetorical opposition to gay marriage. Contraception has facilitated the myth that marriage need not intrinsically or ordinarily have anything to do with children. Divorce has facilitated the myth that marriage depends for its existence on the emotional connection between the parties concerned. This mythology leads straight to same-sex marriage.

The corrosiveness of these myths on both personal life and the social order as a whole is nothing less than staggering. We now live in a world in which huge numbers of men and women lack anything like the deep inner security which is absolutely required for fundamental contentment, fruitful relationships, and positive social development. This deep inner security is shattered when men and women treat each other as objects, as they do routinely in contraceptive marriages, and when the commitment of spouses and parents depends on the mood of the day rather than on an unalterable act of the will.

[This next paragraph really gets to the essence of marriage] Yes, an act of the will. This may seem like an inversion of love, but the security of love does not come from the emotions commonly associated with romance. These emotions may be wildly pleasant, but by themselves they actually breed insecurity, possessiveness, and the fear of loss. [because they are fleeting, and it is not always easy to maintain exciting romance over many decades.  We live in a Hallmark card culture that tells people they need to be emotionally enraptured at all times, rather than a stable culture that looks on husband and wife as an eternal union] The security of love comes from the willed essence of love, the irrevocable commitment to act for the good of another. The husband and wife who know they will be true in good times and in bad, and who are willing to give themselves to each other unreservedly to bring forth new life, gain from their mutual gift that precious security—a security rooted in the very character and commitment of the beloved, a security expressed in a resulting community of love.

Mirus concludes with “Only a miracle of Grace can save a culture that does not know where to look for love.”  Indeed.  Marital unions founded on a deep faith in Jesus Christ rarely fail – the statistics show that couples that pray together and keep other active practices of faith virtually never divorce.   But our modern culture, and the evil agents that run rampant in it, have done all in their power to drive God to the very edge of existence, if He is allowed in many lives at all.  This is the essence of modernism – to define God in relative, culturally defined ways, so that there is never any core Truth, never any belief that must be held.  The practical consequences of this trend have been shattering – our culture is broken in almost every measurable sense. 

And Mirus is also quite correct is asking – when will we get better leadership from our shepherds on these two seemingly unmentionable issues – divorce and contraception?  These are quite possibly the two least talked about topics in the Church, at least in this country.  They are also the two on which the fewest number of Catholics accept and practice what the Church believes.  A great deal of catechesis is needed, but we also need it to be stressed by leaders in the Church that all Catholics must adhere to what the Church believes on these subjects, and this must be proclaimed over and over again with great conviction, in order to counter the constant cultural drum beat that is at odds with Catholic Doctrine. It’s going to make many people mad.  It  may result in donations dropping.  But the alternative is far worse, a culture continuing to slide into the abyss, taking many souls with it.

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