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Bishop bans Spokane priests, seminarians from participating in 40 Days for Life September 14, 2011

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This is just a dumb decision.  I don’t know why the still fairly new Bishop of Spokane, who inherited a Diocese still reeling from abuse scandals and payouts, would make such a bonehead decision, deliberately disaffecting some of his most diehard lay persons (and, likely, clergy).  40 Days for Life is completely peaceful, it is not extreme.  I’ve never heard of 40 Days for Life using extreme rhetoric, and know of essentially no cases of any graphic imagery being used.  This doesn’t make any sense:

Bishop Cupich has informed all of his priests and seminarians that they cannot:
– pray outside of Planned Parenthood
– promote or organize peaceful protest outside Planned Parenthood in their parishes (naming 40 Days for Life specifically)
– or allow pro-life material to be distributed in their parishes unless it is published by the Washington State Conference of Catholic Bishops or the USCCB–who, ironically, support 40 DFL.

Eponymous Flower reports that this Bishop Cupich also discontinued Eucharistic Adoration on a Diocese-wide basis at some point in the past.  I haven’t seen that anywhere else, but it sadly would not be shocking.

Now, perhaps this is all a misunderstanding.  If it is not, it raises serious concerns about those who are being nominated to bishoprics. 

40 Days for Life is a wildly successful pro-life campaign, a true grass roots effort started several years ago in College Station that has gone nation wide.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of babies are saved every year by 40 Days for Life.  I can think of no good reason why one would be opposed to this group, which is endorsed by Dioceses across the nation as well as the USCCB (which is perhaps not a great endorsement, but speaks to how moderate 40 Days for Life has been).


1. Mary - September 14, 2011

The bishop does not want his priests being identified with “extreme” pro-life persons.
Does this have anything to do with the “Priests For Life” and Fr Frank Pavone being pulled from public ministry???

I searched the bishop’s name. Do you know that he “”prohibited [us] from celebrating the Easter Triduum liturgies and locked [us] out of our church from noon on Holy Thursday until 8 a.m. on Easter morning.” at the Traditional Latin parish when he was in Rapid City?

Yes, Bishop Cupich builds a spiritual center to advance “Lakota religious traditions,” while the members of his flock who wish to follow Catholic religious traditions on Holy Thursday and Good Friday are locked out of their own parish church and forced to conduct services on the sidewalk.

2. Rose - September 14, 2011

He also at one point locked a Latin Mass community out of their church during the Easter Triduum, http://www.dailycatholic.org/issue/2002May/may28tra.htm

3. Joan - September 16, 2011

Can a Bishop forbid Catholics to PRAY? I can see he has the authority to say no picketing, no counseling, no pamphlets, etc. But if I, as a Catholic, with other Catholics, want to stand on the public sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood and PRAY….just PRAY….I do suspect not even a bishop, maybe not even the Pope could refuse me that right as a Christian.???

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