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Texas Right to Life endorsement for Rick Perry September 19, 2011

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From Bishop Rene Gracida’s blog, Texas Right to Life has a piece proclaiming Rick Perry’s pro-life views, which TRL claims trump all other Repubnikan candidates:

Texas Right to Life has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with our Pro-Life Governor, Rick Perry, since before he was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1998; therefore, we are quite pleased that this Pro-Life champion has entered the race for President of the United States. While the Republican candidates who have already declared their candidacy also espouse Pro-Life views, Governor Perry’s record is unmatched.

Governor Perry enthusiastically signed the Pro-Life pledge put forth by our colleagues at the Susan B. Anthony List. He has been an outspoken and unapologetic advocate for protecting the sanctity of human life from fertilization until natural death, and he has effectively put his advocacy into action during his tenure as Texas’ top official.

No state in recent years has passed more Pro-Life legislation or removed more tax dollars from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading abortion committer, than Texas. In fact, Governor Perry partnered with Texas Right to Life to cut revenue to the abortion industry in the state’s budget in the recent 2011 Legislative Session. As a direct result, seven Planned Parenthood affiliated clinics are closing in North Texas.

When Texas Right to Life personally verified the clinic closings, the staff at these agencies confirmed that the loss of public funds [that’s my money and your money] was the sole reason for the closures. And Governor Perry helped Texas Right to Life take it away from Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider…………


…….Texas Right to Life also engineered efforts to take $64 million dollars away from the abortion industry through cuts to the state’s family planning budget. After eight amendments passed overwhelmingly in the State House, we had to remain vigilant to ensure that this funding was not restored. Governor Perry and his staff sent a clear message to the legislators who were writing the final version of the state’s budget bill: “Not one cent was to be moved back to the abortion industry.” And not one penny was. The result: Seven Planned Parenthood affiliates are closing in North Texas.

During the Special Session of the 82nd Legislature, a bill was passed to reorganize health care services delivered through Medicaid and Medicare. As passed by both chambers, the bill was innocuous enough so that Texas Right to Life was not involved. However, a version of the bill, Senate Bill 7, emerged from the conference committee that included a horrific provision: “Local [county] tax dollars could pay for the abortion of children with fetal abnormalities.”

Texas Right to Life indeed protested, and we did not relent. Although all in leadership wanted the bill to pass because of the health care savings in the bill, many House and Senate members were appalled at this provision on fetal abnormalities. When Governor Perry’s office called us to inquire, they understood the problem and bought us time to close the loophole. His top aides took part in the negotiations to ensure that all the stakeholders, legislators, and Texas Right to Life agreed to the final language. Had Governor Perry and his advisors not slowed the process or responded to Texas Right to Life’s concerns, disabled, unborn babies would be endangered in the womb in Texas.

Governor Perry’s commitment to restoring the sanctity of innocent human life manifests in his words, but more importantly, in his actions and his list of achievements for the Pro-Life cause. He has spoken at numerous Pro-Life events across the state, freely mentions the Life Issues in his public speeches, and privately walks the walk of a true Pro-Life statesman and servant.

There is more at the link.  Texas Right to Life loves them some Perry.  I think he’s just about the default nominee, at this point.


1. Cori Hyland - September 20, 2011

Texas Right to Life is not anti-contraception, so whatever. Therefore, as a group, their conscience isn’t well-formed enough to endorse a truly Pro-life candidate. And anyone who’d show up to a Pro-life event high as a kite shouldn’t be running for president (Perry). He should be tending to other issues in his life, instead.

tantamergo - September 20, 2011

Yes, they are not a Catholic organization, or even very religious. I’ve just seen back and forth on how good Perry’s pro-life efforts have been – obviously, they’re big fans.

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