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How to assist at Mass with profit September 20, 2011

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OK, my final excerpt from The Wonders of the Mass by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, OP:

The first condition of hearing Mass well is to understand thoroughly the infinite sanctity of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the graces it obtains.  The Mass, as we have seen, is a stupendous mystery. Our minds on the other hand are weak and slow to understand. Therefore, we must read frequently and ponder seriously on the wonders of the Mass. One Mass heard with understanding and devotion obtains for us more graces than a hundred, than a thousand Masses heard carelessly and in ignorance of what the Mass is.

We should make it an inviolable rule to arrive at Church some minutes before Mass commences, firstly, in order to be prepared and recollected when the priest comes on the altar, and secondly to avoid causing distraction to others. [I try to get to Mass, even daily Mass, 30 minutes early.  This is a time of prayer and reflection for me.   It is always good to have many intentions to offer for Mass.  Arriving early allows me time to make my intentions.]

We should not only hear Mass, but we should offer it [and pray it!] with the priest. Moreover, we should have the intention of hearing and offering all the Masses being said at the same time all over the world. In this way, we receive a share in thiese innumerable Masses!

We at once notice that the Crucifix is on every altar, that the priest’s vestments are all marked with the Sign of the Cross, that the priest commences the Mass with the Sign of the Cross, that he makes this holy Sing very many times during the Mass.  [Well, less so today in the 1970 Missal.  And some vestments unfortunately do not have crosses on them anymore] Why? To make clear to us that the Mass is really and truly teh Sacrifice of the Cross, that in the Mass Christ’s eternal Sacrifice is re-presented on the altar.  We must have no doubt that we are really assisting at the Sacrifice of the Cross. 

This is a very handy little booklet that has only 42 pages but is jam packed with information.  It’s a very quick read – you could easily read it in an hour or less, and keep going back to it because it is that good.

Highly recommended.  It costs all of $2

And a quick reminder, more souls are freed from Purgatory during the Mass than at any other time. 

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