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Little Nellie Organ September 20, 2011

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This was such a sad/happy and beautiful story.  I had never heard of Little Nellie Organ.  There is a site called Mystics of the Church that has a long post on her short life.  She was stricken with tuberculosis and suffered much of her young life.  But she had an incredible love for God and the Blessed Sacrament.  It is said that her life and her fervent desire for the Blessed Sacrament played a pivotal role in Pope St. Pius X changing the norms regarding receipt of First Communion so that much younger children could receive our Lord in His Sacrament.  Her story is so sweet, I wish I could excerpt a great deal of it, but it’s too long, so I’ll just post a bit:

It was the First Friday. Dressed all in white, she was carried down and placed in a little easy chair before the Sanctuary. The community Mass had just ended. Nellie remained silent and motionless with her head bowed down in prayer and adoration. Every eye was on this baby of predilection; all her companions looked on in wonder. A baby to receive Holy Communion!

Then came Father Bury in stole and surplice. Soon she saw the priest approaching, she lifted her eager face. “The child,” wrote Father Bury, “literally hungered for her God, and received Him from my hands in a transport of love.”

So all of Nellie’s yearnings were satisfied. Holy God had come into her heart at last.

A priest wrote in October, 1911, describing Nellie’s thanksgiving after her First Communion. “The happy moment will long be remembered by those who had the privilege of being present. Nellie seemed in an ecstasy, and all remarked the heavenly light that lighted up the child’s countenance.”

And then a strange thing was noticed: the disagreeable (some called it “the unbearable”) odor that previously had exhaled from her diseased mouth and jaw was never experienced again after that First Communion morning. But amidst such indescribable joy, Nellie’s tuberculosis progressed, and her health continued to grow worse……..

You should go read the whole thingMystics of the Church has many wondrous descriptions of the lives of Catholics given special graces from God. 

The story made me think of my own little four year old.  She, too, is very special.

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