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The new tyranny September 20, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, priests, sadness, scandals, sickness, Society.

There is a reason, gentle reader, why I do not blast my name all over this blog.  I blog in semi-anonymity. There are dozens, possibly hundreds of readers who DO know who I am, and that’s fine.  I don’t go to great lengths to hide who I am, but I don’t make it readily apparent, either.  The reason is that a blog is inherently public, and I deal at times in issues which are controversial and generate great passion.  While I haven’t received many truly malicious or threatening comments, the possibility that I could say something that would upset a twisted individual to the point of malice remains.  And, for that reason, I don’t have my name present on this blog.

There are alot of Catholic mommy blogs.  They are not really my forte, since I’m more interested in doctrine than in sharing life experiences, but those blogs are fine and many have great followings.  In general, they are non-controversial and focus primarily on issues of life being a mother, often of a large family, and all the challenges and travails and joys and wonders that go with that so necessary and commendable life.  There is a notable one called Accepting Abundance that I do read from time to time becuase it tends to get linked by other more newsy sites.  And something rather extraordinary, and terrible has occurred of late on that blog.  The blogger shared her experience of going to public places and being unnerved by public displays of affection between homosexuals in front of her children.  The post was really pretty mild, just an expression of exasperation of the collapse of moral standards and the violation of innocence that is so endemic in our culture today.  She did not want to have her kids have to deal with trying to understand the unnatural attractions that are endemic to homosexuality. 

And in our so very tolerant modern culture, there is no greater heresy.  Certain groups demand ‘tolerance,’ but what they mean is acceptance, even obeisance.  They demand that there never be any reminder anywhere, by any group or individual, that what they do is wrong and counter to God’s Law, which has been revealed repeatedly through Sacred Scripture and the constant belief of the Judeo-Christian religions for over 3000 years.  And so they have castigated, issued death threats, and generally tried to bully this blogger, to make sure she will never raise her voice in objection to their “orientation” ever again.  They may well succeed.  This blogger, whom I have read several times, strikes me a gentle woman – if I were in her position, I wouldn’t expose myself to the vile hatred of the radical gay agenda and its allies on the left.  And that’s the point.  And that is also the new tyranny.  The ‘tolerance’ trumpeted by the radical gay groups and their allies is a complete and total lie – it’s a one way street, designed to aid and abet the desires of the very tiniest of minorities, a club used to smash the objections of the majority into submission.  From gay marriage initiatives to “Laura has two mommies” in classrooms to gay pride parades with wanton displays of lasciviousness that would  make the randiest Roman blush, we are witnessing the tyranny of the smallest of minorities – 1% of the population dictating to the vast majority what will constitute acceptable behavior, thought, and beliefs.  It is an incredible spectacle to behold.  But it is also fundamentally wrong and illogical, founded on special pleading over newly discovered “rights.”  As Fr. Ryan Erlenbush establishes clearly, it is not bigotry to oppose the gay agenda, or being opposed to having to witness gay public displays of affection – or even excessive displays among heterosexuals.  

And yet, the Church is by no means immune.  The same forces working in the culture to establish a tyranny of the minority are at work within the Church.  Michael Voris had a Vortex video yesterday that presents the sad case of a priest attached to ‘Catholic’ Gonzaga University in Washington, who seems to believe that the Church doesn’t have any position on gay relationships, aside from the ‘pastoral concerns’ of the USCCB’s rather weak exposition on the subject, ‘Always Our Children.’  He seems to be confirming, even encouraging, gays in their sins, rather than challenge them to live the chaste lives all of us – every single one, gay or straight, married or single – are called to live.  Anyway, the video:

“Souls are at stake, and silence and acquiescence falsely shrouded as charity and prudence are not allowed.”  So, a Catholic blogger dare speak apostasy against the rampaging hedonism of 0ur times, and she is excoriated by hundreds and even has death threats made against her family.  And within the Church Herself, the Mystical Body of Christ that should always be a beacon of the Truth Christ has revealed, falsehood is presented as truth and the dominant cultural hedonism is embraced as something natural, even good.  “But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?” (Lk 18:8)


1. Tancred - September 20, 2011

There are more than a few out there who would prefer she not say anything at all and resent her for saying what she’s saying.

tantamergo - September 20, 2011

Resent how? I don’t think I understand what you’re saying. And irrespecitve of whether she gave a full and thorough discourse on the Church’s Doctrine on sexuality, she shouldn’t have to put up with death threats and people reacting in all manner of vile ways.

2. Catechist Kevin - September 20, 2011

“Always Our Children” is not – not – not an “official” document voted upon by the bishops of the USCCB.

It was put together by a sub-comittee and was never brought up to garnner the 2/3rds majority vote (by the bishops) that is *needed* to make it a “official” USCCB document.

As a matter of fact – I do not believe that this “document” can be found on the USCCB website.

Oh what tangled webs we weave…

Catechist Kevin

tantamergo - September 20, 2011

The document is on the USCCB website, and it’s certainly touted as being official by many heterodox in the Church. The link in the post goes to the USCCB website. It’s highly touted there.

Catechist Kevin - September 20, 2011

Wonderful, simply wonderful.

[huge sigh]

Is it any wonder, then, a few years ago when Cdl Burke was still here in the U.S. – and he got up during one of those semi-annual bishops conferences – and asked his brothers to consider the work of Fr. John Harvey and so forth…

He was met with frosty silence. Cdl. Burke went past his allotted time and was basically told to go sit down.

Good grief.

Catechist Kevin

3. Terry Carroll - September 21, 2011

Bishop Bruskewitz didn’t think “Always Our Children” was very official: http://www.wf-f.org/alwaysourchldspr98.html

“”Calamity and frightening disaster” are terms which are not too excessive to describe this document. It is my view that this document carries no weight or authority for Catholics, whom I would advise to ignore or oppose it.”

tantamergo - September 21, 2011

Bruskewitz’ words are very sound, and greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, thoughout the Church, ‘Always Our Children’ is almost always pointed to as a Magisterial document, which it is not, because the USCCB has no authority. The document is a disaster, it is routinely cited by those who embrace or support the homosexual lifestyle as a means to undermine authentic Church Doctrine. But in parishes across the land, Always Our Children forms the basis of most if not nearly all ‘homosexual ministries,’ which almost always devolve down to confirming homosexuals in their sin, if not outright worshipping it. We have a local example at St. Elizabeth Seton in Plano.

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