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Another reason for the veil September 21, 2011

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The great JP Sonnen of Orbis Catholicus posted a lovely picture of Pope John XXIII with a young girl in the veil, and made these salient points about that practice:

“In Judeo-Christian history, every woman is under the protection of her father and then husband and the veil is a symbol of this familial pledge of a father to his daughter, etc.”


We know a woman who is discerning wearing the veil full time – anytime outside the home, anyway.  If the veil is a symbol of this protection, I can see why wearing a veil at all times would have merit.  Certainly, in our Catholic patrimony many women wore veils at all times.  Is this a practice that should be re-adopted, or is it going too far, or too……..muslim? 

But, really, what the veil is about is my personal desire, surely grounded in many deeply seeded shortcomings (ahem), to subject and control women.  Bring on teh PaTriarCHy!

There was that one Lady who seems to have been veiled at almost all times……

Probably an extremist.

Waiting for Eight-a September 21, 2011

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Uff, some news is like a stomach punch.  I just got some of that, but I can’t talk about it right now, although there is a distant hint in the title of this post.  Instead of dwelling on that, I’ll post some beauty, like the recent shots taken by Fr. Tim Finigan of St. Patrick’s, Soho, London, England (note: this is not his parish).  But even these pics make me a bit sad:

What a beautiful church, but only 3 for Adoration!  It’s not 3 am, judging by the light it’s probably mid-evening in London – about 7 pm.  Where is anybody?  But what a sanctuary!  Wonderful!  If I lived near Soho, I’d be there regularly!  I think this is prettier than Brompton Oratory or Westminster, although Westminster will be incredible if they ever finish the mosaics on the ceiling! 

That is how Benediction is done!

I love confessionals in the nave!  I love confession during Mass!  The only place I’ve been that has confessionals in the nave is at Our Lady of Angels Monastery in Hanceville, Ala.  Mater Dei has Confession before, during, and after every Mass (OK, not during on weekdays), but the confessionals there are not quite in the nave, they’re kind of in an alcove just off the nave.  I think Confession is important enough to justify having it during Mass.

I know I load you up with Novenas…….UPDATED! September 21, 2011

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…..but they’re good for you!  Michaelmas is 09/29 – start your Novena for St. Michael the Arcangel today!  Or you can also perform Novenas for St. Gabriel and/or St. Raphael.  All are here.  Longer St. Michael below:

O God, who in Thine ineffable Providence, hast sent Thy Holy Angels to watch over us: grant, we humbly pray, that we may always be defended by their protection and may rejoice in their fellowship forever. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

God our Father, in a wonderful way You guide the work of angels and men. May those who serve You constantly in Heaven keep our lives safe from all harm here on earth. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen

Father, in praising Your faithful angels and archangels, we also praise Your glory, for in honoring them, we honor You, their Creator. Their splendor shows us Your greatness, which surpasses in goodness the whole of creation. Amen.

Most noble Archangels, you who, under the command of St Michael, guard and protect the Holy Church, deign to deliver her from internal and external enemies. Watch over all the children of the Immaculate Spouse of Christ, and in virtue of the Divine Blood, obtain for us the grace to live and die in the Faith, Hope and Charity of Holy Church, so that we may be eternally united with its august Head, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

You Angels and Archangels, you Thrones and Dominations, you Principalities and Powers, you Virtues of the heavens, Cherubim and Seraphim, bless the Lord for ever . Amen

UPDATE: This version of the Novena from Fr. Loren Gonzales may be more user friendly:

Glorious Saint Michael,
guardian and defender
of the Church of Jesus Christ,
come to the assistance of His followers,
against whom the powers of hell are unchained.
Guard with special care our Holy Father,
the Pope, and our bishops, priests,
all our religious and lay people,
and especially the children.

Saint Michael,
watch over us during life,
defend us against the assaults of the demon,
and assist us especially at the hour of death.
Help us achieve the happiness
of beholding God face to face
for all eternity. Amen.

Saint Michael,
intercede for me with God
in all my necessities, especially….

“the intention is stated here”

Obtain for me a favorable outcome
in the matter I recommend to thee.
Mighty prince of the heavenly host,
and victor over rebellious spirits,
remember me for I am weak and sinful
and so prone to pride and ambition.

Be for me, I pray,
my powerful aid in temptation and difficulty,
and above all do not forsake me
in my last struggle with the powers of evil.

Humility an essential virtue September 21, 2011

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From the sublime The Imitation of Christ, Thomas a Kempis:

All men naturally desire to know, but what does knowledge avail without the fear of God?

Indeed an humble husbandman that serves God is better than a proud philosopher, who, neglecting himself, considers the course of the heavens (Eccles 19:21)

He who knows himself well is mean in his own eyes and is not delighted with being praised by men.

If I should know all things that are in the world and should not be in charity (Rom 13:8, 1 COR 13:2), what would it avail me in the sight of God, who will judge me by my deeds?

The more and better thou knowest the more heavy will be thy judgment unless they life be also more holy [yikes – ignorance is bliss?]

Be not, therefore, puffed up with any art or science: but rather fear because of the knowledge which is given thee.

If it seem to thee that thou knowest many things and understandest them well enough, know at the same time that there are many more things of which thou art ignorant [ergo, do not let learning, especially book learning, go to your head]

Be not high minded, but rather acknowledge thy ignorance. Why wouldst thou prefer thyself to any one, since there are many more learned and skillful in the law than thyself?

If thou wouldst know and learn anything to the purpose, love to be unknown and esteemed as nothing. 

This is the highest science and most profitable lesson, truly to know and despise ourselves.

To have no opinion of ourselves and to think always well and commendably of others, is great wisdom and high perfection.

If thou shouldst see another openly sin or commit some heinous crime, yet thou oughtst not to esteem thyself better; because thou knowest not how long thous mayst remain in a good state.

We are all frail: but see thou think no one more frail than thyself.

What can I say? – the man is a master.

We have no better guide in humility than our Blessed Mother.  She exercised all virtues to a degree surpassed only by her Son.


Russian icon of Virgin of Extreme Humility


Why would this film be shot at a Catholic high school? September 21, 2011

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In this Diocese?  Why is this film being shot at Bishop Lynch?  The premise for this film is lifted from a comic book that involves possible satanic forces and much grisly murder.  The film looks far more oriented towards satiating the salacious desires of teenage boys and girls.  Major, major content warning – a girl apparently stripping in a Bishop Lynch? class room @ 0:32 – that is a Crucifix you see behind and to the left of the girl. 

Please tell me those aren’t Bishop Lynch students as extras in the scene. 

Good Lord, I don’t want to know what is going on at 0:54. 

Ummmm…….why on earth would this get approved?  I don’t think it necessary today that we have a severe problem in the culture and the Church with rampant fornication and sexualization of teenagers.  Having this film shot at Bishop Lynch – what message does that send?  Do you really want a Catholic high school in this city even tangentially associated with lewdness, hyper-sexuality, satanic influences and murder?

It is to weep.

h/t culturewarnotes