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Anglicans plan to admit female bishops September 23, 2011

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What is that saying involving straw and camel’s backs?  The Anglicans will move closer to fragmentation with this move, the ‘global south’ will not accept it very well:

THE House of Bishops must be ready for a change of culture now, before the final vote on accepting women into the episcopate, Dr Williams heard on Monday.

A day-long conference was hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace on Monday, after discussions with groups such as Women and the Church (WATCH), and the women Deans, Archdeacons, and Residentiary Canons group (DARC).

The day was reflective and wide-ranging in its discussions, said the Rector of St James’s, Piccadilly, the Revd Lucy Winkett. “People talked about issues like clergy couples and flexible working, and the impact on a priest’s vocation — all issues that have been highlighted by the ordination of women. [uhhh……did they talk much about the Sacramental Priesthood or the relationship between the female Mystical Body of Christ and the all-male priesthood?  I suspect not.]

“But we talked more about what it meant to be a priest in a modern age. There was a general feeling that priesthood has been bureaucratised. [Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.]

“There will be a great culture change for the House of Bishops if women are made bishops, and there was a strong feeling that it would be healthy for more than one woman to be appointed as a bishop at first.” [I’d be much more worried about the terminal split of the Anglican Communion than how the English bishops feel]

Women had now been priests for more than 17 years, she said, and, as the women-bishops legislation neared its final stages, it was felt that there was a need to look ahead to the future.

Two women bishops attended the conference to share their experiences: the Rt Revd Mary Gray-Reeves, Bishop of El Camino Real, California; and the Rt Revd Kay Goldsworthy, Bishop of Perth, in Western Australia.

Bishop Gray-Reeves presided at the eucharist at the end of the day; Dr Williams sat in the congregation. Bishop Gray-Reeves also gave the keynote address, in which she spoke about different models of exercising power, and her experience of building good relationships with parishes that did not support the ordination of women. She told the conference that dealing with difference by building legal walls divided the Church and prevented the healing of differences.

Mary Johnston, a lay member of the General Synod, who heads a grouping of liberal Catholics [!! – just looking for more bad ideas, or thinking of crossing the Tiber in reverse?], was also present. She was one of about 60 participants, who included male and female bishops, priests, and lay people. She said that the day had been “worth while and very positive.

“It was exciting that Rowan said he wasn’t out to achieve ‘balance’, but he wants something more profound and prophetic. He wants a reappraisal of what it means to be a bishop. [Apparently, it means kowtowing to the wisdom of a fallen world, and not so much about what some long haired dude said 2000 years ago.  That dude is only relevant insofar as he can advance the narrative]


Was the pending demise of the Anglicans inevitable from the moment Henry VIII separated himself and his country from the Church?


Freud would have a field day with this


Times/locations now set for Face the Truth Dallas September 23, 2011

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The Face the Truth Dallas event is coming up soon – Oct. 1st and 2nd.  The locations and times for the graphic displays are now set.  Here they are:

Exact Tour times and locations: (All subject to change)

SATURDAY, October 1st:

STOP 1 – Greenville/Walnut Hill
Park at Hospital parking lot

STOP 2 – Royal/Preston
10:30 – 12:00 noon
Park in strip mall parking lot

STOP 3 – Northwest Highway
Near Northpark Mall entrance
1:00 – 2:30 pm
Park at Borders

STOP 4 – Mockingbird/Abrams
3:30 – 5:00 pm
Park in strip mall parking lot at NorthWest corner

SUNDAY, October 2nd:

STOP 1 – Royal/Greenville
near Southwestern Abortion Mill
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Park at Harry Moss Park

STOP 2 – Mockingbird/Greenville
3:30 – 5:00 pm
Park at 24 Hour Fitness parking lot

You can also stay up to date on the times and locations at the Pro Life Texas website.   For a reminder of what Face the Truth is, see the video below. 

YES the displays are graphic. 
YES they feature graphic depictions of children murdered by abortion.
YES these images are designed to shock, but also to challenge people’s assumptions and the false image perpetrated by pro-aborts, that abortion is somehow sterile and clinical.  That is false.
YES there will be security at all locations.

If you can attend, please do so.  As Andrew Smith, the head of Pro Life Texas has said, while these images may be “controversial,” he knows of no more effective tool for changing people’s opinions regarding abortion and shaking them from their complacency regarding our modern day holocaust.  The number of truly dedicated pro-aborts is quite small – most in favor simply haven’t thought through the consequences of their support.  These images have the ability, with prayer and sacrifice, to change many hearts.

The triumph of modernism September 23, 2011

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The fundamental tenet of modernism, that misbegotten amalgamation of various philosophies whose main aim is to reject the Truth Christ has revealed, is that nothing is true, except what is true to you.  Everything is situational, and depends on your view of it.  If you think cheating on your wife is OK, then it’s OK.  If you think embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from your company is justified so you can live the lifestyle you feel you deserve, that’s OK.  The only objective reality to the modernists is the will to power – that is to say, even the modernist must keep in mind that there are various other competing powers and views that may contradict one’s own ‘truth,’ and thus one may go to prison for having embezzled that money.  But only because the state is a superior power with its own interests and vision of ‘truth,’ not because what one did was wrong.

What is terrifying is that generations of people in this fallen world have now been formed in modernism, which became highly influential in the late 19th/early 20th century.  Modernism, and its twin secularism, totally dominate in almost all schools and learning institutions, even (or especially in) religious ones.  We have now reached the point where vast swaths of people, but young people in particular, are now incapable of seeing any ‘truth’ that is outside their own preferences.  This process has accelerated of late – since the ‘new left’ (which was simply communism) came to dominate the American left since the late 60’s, and since socialism/communism are core constituents of the modernist ethos, those educated in schools in the past few decades (and most especially the last 20-30 years) have increasingly been exposed to nothing but modernist, relativistic views of morality.  This is exacerbated due to the collapse of traditional morality in Christianity, especially the Church, and the rise of modernism in those former bulwarks of Truth. 

As a famous exemplar of this modernist, secularist antithesis of Christianity recently said: “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”  Indeed they are.  A recent study was conducted by a sociologist at Notre Dame (the modernists studying the modernists?), which examined the moral views of people aged 18-23.  Even the secularist elite is disturbed: fully 2/3 of these kids hold absolutely no moral framework – everything is relative:

A sociologist from the University of Notre Dame published a study gauging the moral thinking of 18-23 year olds. The results are depressing and for this father of five, they’re scary.

David Brooks of the New York Times summarized the study, saying that moral thinking to a large extent was considered a relative matter or not considered at all, even regarding issues such as cheating on a partner or drunken driving. Brooks writes that “when asked to describe a moral dilemma they had faced, two-thirds of the young people either couldn’t answer the question or described problems that are not moral at all.”

Two-thirds?! That’s a cultural disaster.

Disturbingly, many said that morality is a “matter of individual taste.” The perceived absence of an objective morality is, I believe, devastating for our culture. Without a common morality how can a discussion about morality actually occur? Through the imposition of secularism, we’ve created a Babel of morality. A whole generation has come to believe not in truth, but truth with pronouns with “my truth” and “your truth” holding equal weight. And the only sin worthy of castigation in secular America is to impose “your truth” on “my truth.”

Well, duh!  That is the entire basis of modernism, and why it was condemned by a heresy by good Pope St. Pius X over 100 years ago!   Sadly, although St. Pius X wrote forcefully on the evils of modernism and instituted the anti-modernist oath, those efforts were insufficient to drive modernism from the Church.  At least since the extremely ill-timed (if not ill-advised) aggiornamento of Vatican II, if not well before, the Church has fallen heavily under the sway of modernism and its false view of……everything.   Matt Archbold thinks that parents need to take a greater role in forming their children in moral Truth, and of course they do, but who forms the parents?  Without a Church that holds clearly and unequivocally to Truth, how can parents ground their children in idea that there is one Truth, and it is revealed by Christ through His Church?  The Church has to proclaim this – but for the last several decades, that message has been muddied, at best. 

For change to occur, it must occur at the top.  There is no higher moral authority in human society than the Catholic Church.  I think many of the most devout, especially among Catholics below a certain age, have a great hunger for that unequivocal Truth that comes from the Supreme Authority.  Many of us have tried to live the lies of the world, and felt the pain and disaster that results.  We crave a clear proclamation of what is Goodness and Truth – and many have found it in some of the more orthodox parishes and orders.  But there are so many more who have either not found these sources, or who remain totally inured in this modernist, secularist, increasingly pagan world.  We desperately need leadership from the Church.  But so long as the Church continues to struggle, internally, with adherence to and proclamation of that Truth Christi has revealed – so long as modernism remains deeply esconced in the Church – it will be fighting a losing battle, with both hands tied behind its back.

Lord, please send leaders to your flock who will live virtuous lives and always proclaim your Truth!   Our Lady of Grace, pray for us!


A few more thoughts on Fr. Rodriguez September 23, 2011

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With the recent hubbubs involving possible issues of disobedience and various priests, I thought I would make a few points very clear.  All the information below is just based on what I have gleaned from various sources, I have a high confidence in its reliability:

  1. Fr. Rodriguez has no problems with disobedience to his bishop.  He submitted to the transfer without complaint, handed over the keys of the parish, and did all that his bishop asked both in letter and spirit.  He has submitted very humbly, from all I have gathered.  The ‘complaints’ against this transfer have been initiated by me, and probably some other folks in that distant Diocese, on my/their own accord. 
  2. Further along the lines of disobedience, so far as anyone knows, Bishop Ochoa never formally asked Fr. Rodriguez to stop publicly addressing issues of marriage, chastity, and the controversy in El Paso over the city council and same sex partner benefits.  I would hazard to assert that if Bishop Ochoa had made this request, Fr. Rodriguez would have complied instantly.
  3. I want to make clear that, although he served as the only priest there, Fr. Rodriguez was never made pastor of San Juan Bautista parish.  Pastors have significant canonical rights – ‘pastoral administrators’ do not. 
  4. Just so everyone is clear, it is 254 miles from El Paso to Presidio, TX, not the 150 I originally posted yesterday.  The internet maps show a travel time of about 4 hours, but I’m told it’s more like 5 due to many mountains to cross and poor road conditions.

A commenter stated that another priest, a long time ago, was banished to ecclesial ‘Siberia.’  He caused alot of problems, so he was sent to the most backwater parish in the Diocese.  That priest was St. Jean Marie Vianney, the Cure’ des Ars.  We can only pray such an abundance of Grace may flow into this new remote apostolate.

I was reading some last night about St. Padre Pio.  He represents one of the pinnacles of human suffering – he was tormented by constant and severe physical pain due to his stigmata, but he also suffered from false accusations, banishments, denial of public faculties, and much else.  But through his cooperation with Grace, all was turned to good of such magnitude it is almost unimaginable.  For all things are possible with God (Matt 19:26).

That doesn’t mean a saintly apostolate will necessarily develop.  I think sometimes it is unfair when people compare the actions of today’s priests to some of the great Saints of the past – there are varying degrees of sanctity, and while all are called to be Saints, history shows that few of us obtain that goal, at least in such a way as to be recognized formally by the Church as a Saint.  What all the above means is that, even with this change in circumstances, a change which was not desired, there is nothing to prevent Fr. Rodriguez’ apostolate from being incredibly fruitful and of great benefit to numerous souls – and his own.  All depends on cooperation with Grace, and prayer.  My family and I will certainly be praying for Fr. Rodriguez.