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A few more thoughts on Fr. Rodriguez September 23, 2011

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With the recent hubbubs involving possible issues of disobedience and various priests, I thought I would make a few points very clear.  All the information below is just based on what I have gleaned from various sources, I have a high confidence in its reliability:

  1. Fr. Rodriguez has no problems with disobedience to his bishop.  He submitted to the transfer without complaint, handed over the keys of the parish, and did all that his bishop asked both in letter and spirit.  He has submitted very humbly, from all I have gathered.  The ‘complaints’ against this transfer have been initiated by me, and probably some other folks in that distant Diocese, on my/their own accord. 
  2. Further along the lines of disobedience, so far as anyone knows, Bishop Ochoa never formally asked Fr. Rodriguez to stop publicly addressing issues of marriage, chastity, and the controversy in El Paso over the city council and same sex partner benefits.  I would hazard to assert that if Bishop Ochoa had made this request, Fr. Rodriguez would have complied instantly.
  3. I want to make clear that, although he served as the only priest there, Fr. Rodriguez was never made pastor of San Juan Bautista parish.  Pastors have significant canonical rights – ‘pastoral administrators’ do not. 
  4. Just so everyone is clear, it is 254 miles from El Paso to Presidio, TX, not the 150 I originally posted yesterday.  The internet maps show a travel time of about 4 hours, but I’m told it’s more like 5 due to many mountains to cross and poor road conditions.

A commenter stated that another priest, a long time ago, was banished to ecclesial ‘Siberia.’  He caused alot of problems, so he was sent to the most backwater parish in the Diocese.  That priest was St. Jean Marie Vianney, the Cure’ des Ars.  We can only pray such an abundance of Grace may flow into this new remote apostolate.

I was reading some last night about St. Padre Pio.  He represents one of the pinnacles of human suffering – he was tormented by constant and severe physical pain due to his stigmata, but he also suffered from false accusations, banishments, denial of public faculties, and much else.  But through his cooperation with Grace, all was turned to good of such magnitude it is almost unimaginable.  For all things are possible with God (Matt 19:26).

That doesn’t mean a saintly apostolate will necessarily develop.  I think sometimes it is unfair when people compare the actions of today’s priests to some of the great Saints of the past – there are varying degrees of sanctity, and while all are called to be Saints, history shows that few of us obtain that goal, at least in such a way as to be recognized formally by the Church as a Saint.  What all the above means is that, even with this change in circumstances, a change which was not desired, there is nothing to prevent Fr. Rodriguez’ apostolate from being incredibly fruitful and of great benefit to numerous souls – and his own.  All depends on cooperation with Grace, and prayer.  My family and I will certainly be praying for Fr. Rodriguez.


1. Kevin Shook (@DFWSHOOK) - September 23, 2011

In regards to Item 3: I think there is some confusion on whether or not Fr. Rodriguez was the Pastor at San Juan Bautista; at least with myself and apparently the Diocese of El Paso.

From the Diocese of El Paso

tantamergo - September 23, 2011

It may say that on the diocesan website, but he was never formally given those privileges, unfortunately. Fr. Rodriguez is aware of his status – he was never pastor.

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