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FSSP on Life on the Rock September 26, 2011

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I know the EWTN program Life on the Rock has its critics, especially among those drawn towards Tradition in the Church.  But perhaps that can be laid aside briefly, as Fr. Mark Mary MFVA and Doug Barry (is he sick?) interview two FSSP priests and a member of the Traditional Catholic youth group Juventutem.  I heard most of this on the radio yesterday, and thought the discussion very helpful to dispel certain myths regarding those attracted to Tradition.  If I could add my own small bit to the conversation, in my own experience, most who favor the Traditional Latin Mass are quite young, generally singles under 30 and parents not much older than that with alot of kids.  I heard one FSSP priest jokingly remark that the church parking lot looks like a used car lot for 15 passenger vans (and, I would add, Suburbans).  Anyway, the interview:

Thanks to Bishop Farrell for allowing Mater Dei to have their own parish!


1. Colleen Hammond - September 26, 2011

Didn’t realize that Doug was attending an FSSP church. That’s WONDERFUL! (Yes, he looks a little peaked, doesn’t he?

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