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The twisted logic of those who ‘tolerate’ abortion September 26, 2011

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Many polls reveal that most Americans have a very tortured view of abortion.  I think many know in their hearts it is wrong, but they have been conditioned to believe that it is a woman’s “right.”  Much of this conditioning occurs in the popular media and in schools and academia, but I digress.  There is a hardcore 15% or so that are militantly pro-abort.  The vast majority of these are beyond convincing of the evil of their position.  But there is a very large swath of the public whose ‘support’ for abortion is weak and conditional, and largely founded on myths and outright lies propagated by the pro-abort camp and their allies in the media.  When confronted with the logical train of abortion – or, significantly, any government sanctioned mass killing of a certain group – that support evaporates.  The below is a video produced by an obvious Aussie that is a bit long but which shows interviews with wide swaths of people in southern California (I recognize many shots from the Venice/Hermosa Beach area), in which he walks them through the Holocaust, the moral depridations of the Nazis, and then asks them questions about how they would act if they had been in similar situations.  The interviewer then makes plain that we are in the same situations today – we are in the midst of a global holocaust of the unborn that has taken hundreds of millions of lives over the past several decades.  It is the saddest by-product of the runaway statism of the 20th Century:

While this tactic may seem effective, I wonder if it will have staying power?  This is a high pressure situation (being on camera, being interviewed by someone who establishes a sense of moral authority with the historical presentation on the Holocaust), where studies have shown people are highly persuadable.  Studies also show that many, even most people go back to their set patterns of thinking after they exit the high pressure situation.  There needs to be continual reinforcement, to counter the false wisdom of the world and its master.

I think the most revealing bit of the entire video was the fact that large numbers of people assume they are going to Heaven and make no account of any personal sin.  This is a very pervasive cultural problem, almost unique in history since the Incarnation in those countries wth a heavily Christian ethos.  Or former Christian ethos.  Because knowledge and awareness of our sins is an intrinsic part of being Christian – that is, after all, why Christ died for us!  If we have no sin, or discount them as trivial, we have no need for Jesus.  Unfortuantely, the producer of this video is obviously an evangelical protestant, and seems to imply the ‘once saved always saved’ belief – the greatest error ever to come from American protestantism.  They need to be told that repentance is indeed necessary, it is foundational, but much more is also needed – repentance is not a one time event, it is an ongoing turning away from self, from the world and its lies and false promises, and rejection of sin.  But because we are fallen, we will continue to sin – which is why ongoing Sacramental Confession is an absolute necessity. 

This view is very prevalent even within the Church. It is why we need regular, repeated exhortations on many types of sin from the pulpit, irrespective of perceived cost or penalties for so doing, to shake people from their stupor, to “talk louder than the world,” to get them to realize that they WILL be held accountable for their behavior at their particular judgment, and in the general judgment at the Resurrection. 

The cognitive dissonance in many of those interviewed was staggering – one man doesn’t believe in the afterlife, and yet he says that Hitler is in hell?

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