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There is, after all, a war still going on September 30, 2011

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Although often it is easy to forget, there is still a real war going on in Afghanistan (among many other places, sadly).  I don’t know how old this video is, I think it is several years old and I think I’ve seen it before, but it captures some of the incredible nature of combat (language warning):

On one of the runs, the A-10 fired a 7 second burst, which is incredibly long.  The GAU-8/A Avenger cannon in the A-10 produces a tremendous recoil – firing bursts for that length of time can slow the aircraft down sufficiently to stall.  Obviously, “bitchin’ betty” was complaining with altitude warnings.  In addition, the huge amount of smoke from the cannon can also cause an engine flameout.  A 7 second burst even at the GAU-8’s “low” speed firing setting would discharge 245 rounds – each massive round weighs about 1 lb.  At the higher rate, 490 rounds would have been discharged.  That’s alot. 

Obviously alot of shooting going on in the background.  The forward air controller or combat controller displayed amazing cool under fire. 

Just some of the sufferings our troops endure.  They certainly merit our prayers, as do their families, who carry a terrible burden when a loved one is deployed in combat.

On a local note, going to DFW airport to greet the troops is a very noble thing to do.  Simply supporting them and welcoming them home does not imply an agreement in principle with the wars in which they are serving – hopefully, we have learned the lesson of Vietnam and will never treat our returning troops so shamefully again. 

info on greeting the troops – randr

For a feel for how large the A-10’s cannon is:

More plane PrON:

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