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Two history lessons October 10, 2011

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I don’t know if anyone listens to these sermons from AudioSancto, but I pray you do!  The first is amazing, it’s a recounting of the history of the Christeros, the faithful Mexican Catholics who refused to submit when their socialist government tried to take over, and make impotent, the Church.  Really good history, but I also found it very upsetting.  If you will listen, I think you will understand why:


This is how the faithful Catholics of the Christeros were treated by their enlightened socialist betters if caught:

It is sometimes interesting to reflect on the course of events in nations after persecutions of the Church are allowed or encouraged by the leaders or populace of those nations. 

The next sermon discusses the Albengensian heresy and some of the history of that great, indispensable prayer, the Rosary:


Truly, there is no problem that cannot be overcome by the Rosary.

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