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Fr. Rodriguez offering the Holy Mass in Shaftner October 20, 2011

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Shaftner may be a ghost town, but it’s got a glorious church, and now a priest worthy of it:

The altar on the right depicts the sufferings of Christ – Ecce homo.

Thanks for the h/t, Michael.

Michael Voris coming to Dallas, and I need your help! October 20, 2011

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Michael Voris is scheduled to come to Dallas and give a talk at the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Dallas Love Field on Sunday, March 4 from 3-5 pm.  This will be a sort of mini-Lenten retreat. He’ll be in town hopefully for a day or two and will, God willing, get to meet some of the folks who are working and struggling and praying to help restore the Church in this Diocese.

I could use some help, however.  The facility cost, airfare, lodging, etc., will be pretty expensive.  One area where I would love to get some assistance would be in the area of transferrable frequent flier miles.  Would anyone be willing to part with ~2000 miles for a round trip flight from Detroit to DFW?  The more costs we can offset in this manner, the cheaper the event will be for everyone in terms of ticket costs.  I’d like to keep the tix down to $10 a person or $25 per family sort of range, or less if we can do it.  If we can eliminate some high cost items like airfare, we may be able to get the tix down to about $5 per person or $10-15 for a family.

Thank you so much for your consideration.  If you feel you can help, e-mail me at larryr103@gmail.com.

God bless you!

Michael Voris on the Fr. Rodriguez situation October 20, 2011

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We went to the State Fair today, so I don’t have much time, but I wanted to get this post out with a video by Michael Voris on the Fr. Rodriguez situation!  Please keep praying for Fr. Rodriguez, and go to the San Juan Bautista website to sign a petition for his return as pastor of that parish: