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Our day at the State Fair October 21, 2011

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As I said yesterday, we spent most of the day at the great State Fair of Texas.  We go every year.  This year, we had to leave early because we had soccer practice in the evening.  But in addition to the family fun, there was an informative and very fine exhibit of Texas history at the Hall of State, which had some very nice coverage of the early Spanish colonial history of Texas.  And since the Spanish colonial system in North America was powered by religious missions, there were some very nice artifacts from the San Antonio and other Catholic missions in the state.   It got my parochial Catholic interest all up in a dander.  Some pics (sorry, Wordgarbagepress choked on some of the pics on my first attempt at post):

18th century chasuble - front18th century chasuble - backHand carved wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin from Mission San Jose

Chasuble – back

Blessed Virgin

That statue is 250-300 years old, hand carved from wood.
Wooden Crucifix, nearly 300 years old

That’s a painting of an 18th century Spanish missionary, a Fr. Margil de Jesus.  It was in one of the mission churches while they were still in heavy use.  There was an even more beautiful painting of the Sorrowful Virgin that was oil on copper but was so dark, and the lighting conditions so bad, I couldn’t get the picture to come out at all. 

In a very real sense, Catholicism built Texas, especially for the first 200 – 250 years of it’s modern existence.  Those missions were always under threat of attack, or actual attack, from extremely hostile indians, even though the missions posed no threat to them (but some were annoyed, as people always are, of neighbors who had converted).  They represented a first glimpse of Christian civilization to this part of the world.  Dozens of priests and religious lost their lives in trying to bring the Faith of Jesus Christ to a people still locked in darkness.  Even though many were unsuccessful and abandoned, some remained in use, especially those around San Antonio and El Paso, and helped establish those towns as population centers with their introduction of farming, irrigation, mills, ovens, and, of course, churches.  It’s a very beautiful aspect of Texas history that far too many know little or nothing about.  The San Antonio missions still in existence are used at times for Mass or special occasions like quinceneras.  The facade of Mission San Jose y San Miguel has been described as the most glorious in the entire hemisphere:

The interior has been nicely restored, although someone took away the high altar:

Ah, well, here’s a beautiful one at a different mission near El Paso, in Ysleta:

Get rid of the table!

I understand the Mission at Socorro still has its altar rail!

Watch out, grandma…….they’re coming for your house October 21, 2011

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There is nothing the left loves more than to decide who should own what, where, and how much.  The left loves to determine that person or entity A has too much, and therefore should be forced – through taxation, regulation, or outright theft – to “give” some of that excess to person or entity B.  There is no limit to this transfer.  As has been seen around the world when the hard left gets control, there is nothing too small to be taken away and given first to the state (meaning, the leftists who have seized the levers of power), and then perhaps dolled out to others, primarily on the basis of how much those ‘others’ will insure the left political dominance remains intact or expanded.  Now there is a group on the left that is claiming that “selfish” senior citizens with houses which are larger than they “need” (this includes having a spare bedroom or two) should be taxed to the point they are forced from their homes, so that the “young” can have them:

The Intergenerational Foundation (IF), an organization “established to promote fairness between generations”, notes that these homes with spare bedrooms are now being selfishly used by older people when they are needed by the young. In a report the IF has proposed a tax increase to squeeze these seniors out of their homes to “free up space” for the younger generation

……Anyhow, grandma had it coming. The Intergenerational Foundation argues that grandma’s prosperity was based on theft because she was given stuff she did not ultimately deserve  So it is only right for society to take some of it back. “The younger generation have reason to be angry: for decades to come they will be burdened by the spending spree of previous generations – national debt, unfunded government pensions liabilities, debts from student fees, paying for the windfall profits in housing.”……….

Wow, mom and dad, I can’t believe you were really such criminals, not the hard working, scrimp and save types I took you for.  How could you?!?! 

Actually, I do think that we’ve got to get over the idea that certain wealth transfer schemes, like welfare and even social security,are sacrosanct.  We’re killing our economy with these programs, which are consuming more and more capital to the exclusion of much more efficient and productive private uses.  I got into a sort of fight with Jim and Vicki on the air one time, because I remarked that social security has to be changed drastically, or it won’t exist in 20 or 30 years (right about the time I am scheduled to…….no, really, don’t laugh………retire (ha ha ha ha hee hee ho hoo……..uhhhhhhh)).  I know it’s going to suck for everybody – I’ll likely see little if any of the money I have paid, and will pay, into social security (which money I’ve been paying since I was 13 years old – I’ve already been a ‘contributor’ for 27 years). 

But I digress.  The main point is the fact that as the economy in much of the world continues to deteriorate as the failed socialist models increasingly……errrr……fail………, and at the same time inevitably run out of “revenue streams” as the real productive economy contracts, our socialist betters will look for more and more sources of revenue.  If we continue in this mode, nothing will be sacrosanct, and eventually everything will be taxed through a VAT or some other mechanism. 

You know, my great great grandfather lived in a dugout in the side of a creek for over 20 years.  Perhaps he was simply avante garde for what many of us may get to ‘enjoy’ at some point if we continue on this failed path.

Any readers from Good Shepherd in Colleyville please comment October 21, 2011

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If you have any knowledge of Good Shepherd in Colleyville, and especially RCIA programs and former ‘liturgy facilitators’, would you please leave a comment?  I’ll be in touch off line.

On a related note – anyone have familiarity with the ‘Little Rock Scripture Study?’  I strongly suspect its modernist, because it uses the modernist and frequently heterodox Collegevilly Study Bible.  Any additional comments on Little Rock?

God Bless!