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Sick, blasphemous French play draws large protests October 28, 2011

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This is disgusting.  A play centering around a man with diarrhea, which ends with an excrement covered painting of Christ’s Holy Face?  This is what happens in a pagan culture:

A group of Parisian Catholic students was beaten by riot police during a protest in front of a theater during the premiere of a blasphemous play by Italian playwright Romeo Castellicci, on Thursday evening.

On the Concept of the Face of the Son of God is a scatological representation of an old man wracked with diarrhea whose son wipes and cleans him repeatedly on stage under a large reproduction of a Face of Christ by Antonello da Messina. Brown feces fill the stage – synthetic odor included -, the two actors leave the stage, then a dozen children carrying schoolbags make their appearance and throw plastic grenades at the image of Christ. The image later appears to crack up and a dark liquid similar to the feces seen earlier invades the face which is then covered with the words, “You are not my shepherd”.

For the first night at the publicly subsidized “Théatre de la Ville” in Paris on Thursday, several unrelated groups organized public protests. One group had bought tickets and disrupted the show with stink bombs before climbing on the sage with banners proclaiming “Cathophobia : we’ve had enough”. Riot police entered the theatre to move out the protesters, some of whom were arrested.

Another group of young activists of the historic French royalist movement, l’Action française, chose to organize a peaceful demonstration in front of the theatre. A few dozen young French Catholics chained themselves to the railings of the theater under the noses of three vanloads of riot police (“CRS”) who quickly closed in to dislodge them. Heavy-handedly using their bats and teargas, the armored police forces beat up the young people, handcuffed them and forced many of them flat on the ground.

Apparently, several of the faithful Catholics were injured by the police.  You know, just once, I’d like to see one of these “bold artists” attack, denigrate, and blaspheme islam like they do Christianity.  But they won’t, because they’re cowards and know that Christianity is a safe target – like the child that badgers and complains to his parents, but only so far, to escape punishment.  In reality, in France, speech against islam is punished by the state as ‘hate speech’ while these kinds of juvenile tirades are funded by the government.  Satan is having a field day in Europe.

Apparently, some French priests have endorsed this play, which reveals the state of the clergy in what used to be the ‘eldest daughter of the Church.’  Most French bishops are opposed and are encouraging opposition to this state funded ‘play.’ 

But  just on an elemental level – what kind of deranged mind would want to see this?  A man simulating defecation on stage, are you kidding?

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