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Dallas’ own abortionist Curtis Boyd: “Sure, Medicaid will pay for that late term abortion!” October 31, 2011

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Dallas abortionist Curtis Boyd operates the “Southwest Women’s Surgery Center” on Greenville Ave., and “Southwest Women’s Options” in Albuqurque, NM.  Operation Rescue phoned in a call regarding a late term abortion of a baby with Down’s Syndrome, and contrary to what so many in our government like to say, Medicaid will happily pay for your $16,000 late term abortion!  Hyde Amendment, indeed:

First of all, this holocaust of Down Syndrome babies nauseates me.  Secondly, I have had numerous people tell me outside Dallas abortion mills that money isn’t a problem, that Medicaid will cover their abortion.  It’s incredibly easy to get a doctor to “certify” that a woman has a medical need for an abortion, and as we see in this case, there’s not even a hint of a medical need for the mom.  That’s your (and my) tax dollars at work.

Shirley Robinson used to have a mill in Dallas, but I guess she decided it’s easy to make money working in other people’s facilities abatoirs.  Dr. Curtis Boyd has stated publicly that he knows abortion is murder, and is fine with it.

The infants he’s murdered could not be reached for comment.

Drama at EWTN…..sort of October 31, 2011

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Many may be familiar with the morning broadcast carried on many EWTN  radio affiliates, The Son Rise Morning Show.  I don’t regularly listen, because I’m less a morning person than a night owl, but I have read for years the blog of one of the show’s hosts – that is former hosts – Rich Leonardi.  Rich was dismissed from the show a week or so ago, for having been critical nto so of his bishop, but of the many bureaucrats wonderful dedicated souls who staff the average chancery:

The rector of the Cincinnati seminary managed to successfully retaliate against Rich Leonardi, long-time Catholic blogger extraordinaire and pointed, but usually civil, critic of the manifold problems of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Rich was booted off the Son Rise Morning Show in retaliation for his criticism.

Here’s the message he sent me in response to a query on Facebook:

To net it out, the seminary rector reached out to the head of the Son Rise Morning Show to have me thrown off the program. I called him out on it, and a pissing contest ensued. I shut down my site and intend to withdraw from public Catholic life.

In the meantime, Ken Overberg will continue to deny the Atonement from the pulpit, and Paul Knitter will air his doubts about the salvific significance of Christ and the historicity of the Resurrection, both undisturbed in the sanctuary of Xavier University. Because doing something about *them* would take a set of clockweights, the willingness to endure media hostility and the turning of a deaf ear to the squalling of local progressives.

Squashing a layman who criticizes the local leadership? You can do that in a snap and still have plenty of time to enjoy a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with lunch. To applause from “the right people,” to boot.

Rich Leonardi added more comments here:

Someone close to the archbishop — let’s set aside names, since a surrogate for the likely culprit is denying it — reached out to the Son Rise Morning Show to voice their displeasure over my opposition to Archbishop Schnurr’s support for the scandal-drenched CCHD. This comment in particular was deemed beyond the pale:

“He deserves our respect — and prayers — by virtue of his office. But respect does not mean unthinking obeisance. His Excellency seems to be under the impression that he was elevated to Seminary Rector-in-Chief. Very few aspects of archdiocesan life away from Beechmont Avenue get his attention, and he appears content to let his cabal of inherited malcontents in the chancery set policy.”

The show’s producers, not wanting to run afoul of local leadership, deemed me too hot to handle and eased me out. It’s as simple as that. Never mind that in my four years on the show I never once so much as hinted at local controversies.

So, this is the perennial frustration many experience.  It’s the sort of situation that led to the creation of this dorky little blog of mine.  Great sermons by the bishop at ordinations are wonderful, and pastors giving stirring, bold homlies is to be commended, but it all kind of falls to pot when a speaker is trotted into the Diocese at Lent to promote her sad new age theology.  Or having a leading proponent of women’s ordination employed as an instructor at the local seminary/formation center.  Or any of a number of other issues.  These things simply shouldn’t happen – period.  But they do, although things do seem to be improving by measurable degrees in this Diocese.  But there is quite a long ways left to go.  I take it things in Cincinnatti are much worse, and that Xavier University and the seminary there are extremely problematic.  I think Rich is to be commended for defending the Faith.

The other issue is EWTN.  I’m far from the only one who has noticed that the quality, the orthodoxy, of its programming seems to be in decline.  The independent spirit with which Mother Angelica infused the network for so long appears to be on the wane, and the ‘oversight’ of the USCCB/individual bishops is more and more noticeable.  This is not just my opinion, a number of people have brought this issue to my attention, asking if I knew anything about it.  This is just another example of some orthodox personality running afoul of a bishop, and being removed from the air, or having their program cancelled.  It’s happened to people I know quite well.  And it’s happening more and more. 


Adoration with the Carmelites today, tomorrow! October 31, 2011

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And also yesterday, actually, but that doesn’t do you much good, does it?!?  This is sort of a 3-day special Adoration with the primary intention of praying for our nation, but of course it’s also fantastically timed to pray for the Holy Souls and other similar intentions.   Anyway, today, Oct. 31 and tomorrow Nov. 1 there will be Eucharistic Adoration at the Discalced Carmelite Monastery at 600 Flowers St. in Dallas.  The Adoration starts at 7a with a Mass and goes on until 5 pm. 

I finally got to “meet” many of the good sisters yesterday through the grill!  They are so sweet!  One of them is tiny, I just adored her.  Mother Mary Regina was very cordial and ‘remembered’ our family even though we’ve never met.  And apparently there is a mystic in their midst.  It was delightful just being with them for a little while.  I have such a strong attraction to Carmelite spirituality, and these nuns live by the old, hard rule that has been sadly softened in many nunneries.  They are an inspiration to me.  And they have vocations!  I understand three more young ladies are soon to enter? 

Deo Gratias!!

BTW, I believe this particular order was founded by Carmelite nuns escaping the persecution of the Church in Mexico in the 1920s and 30s.  At that terrible, terrible time, many convents were sacked and the nuns horribly violated, many turned into ‘camp girls’ for the atrocious Mexican army.  I thank God for their presence in this Diocese.  I don’t think we can imagine how much good their lives of prayer, sacrifice, suffering, and love do for all of us. 

St. Teresa of Jesus

High Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark! October 31, 2011

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For those who either just stumbled upon this blog or have recently fallen off the back of a high speed truck, every Monday night at 7 pm there is a Latin Mass at St. Mark.  Tonight, the Mass is an anticipatory High Mass for All Saints Day.  The Plano schola will be present, and the entire Mass sung, including the homily, which is quite a scene, because Fr. Hopka can really rock out a capella.  No, but the Mass will be sung.  It should be very nice, I missed the last one on the Feast of the Assumption but plan to be there tonight.

Another treat if you assist is that you can see my Knights Templar regalia.  It’s not what I hoped this year, I ordered some things late and they didn’t arrive, yada yada, but anyhoo.  Your kids eat too much candy, anyway!  Spend some time with the Lord, instead!  They can go trick or treat (dressed as Saints) later!

We’re going to give the devil and neo-pagan culture a whoopin’ tonight!

Spend some time with saintly relics at St. Monica October 31, 2011

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St. Monica in Dallas is hosting an ‘evening with relics’ on Tuesday, Nov. 8 from 7 – 9:30 pm.  They apparently have over 20 relics, including St. John Marie Vianney and St. Monica (duh!).  Fr. Jason Cargo is leading the devotions, I believe.  Go and get your devotion on!