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Dallas’ own abortionist Curtis Boyd: “Sure, Medicaid will pay for that late term abortion!” October 31, 2011

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Dallas abortionist Curtis Boyd operates the “Southwest Women’s Surgery Center” on Greenville Ave., and “Southwest Women’s Options” in Albuqurque, NM.  Operation Rescue phoned in a call regarding a late term abortion of a baby with Down’s Syndrome, and contrary to what so many in our government like to say, Medicaid will happily pay for your $16,000 late term abortion!  Hyde Amendment, indeed:

First of all, this holocaust of Down Syndrome babies nauseates me.  Secondly, I have had numerous people tell me outside Dallas abortion mills that money isn’t a problem, that Medicaid will cover their abortion.  It’s incredibly easy to get a doctor to “certify” that a woman has a medical need for an abortion, and as we see in this case, there’s not even a hint of a medical need for the mom.  That’s your (and my) tax dollars at work.

Shirley Robinson used to have a mill in Dallas, but I guess she decided it’s easy to make money working in other people’s facilities abatoirs.  Dr. Curtis Boyd has stated publicly that he knows abortion is murder, and is fine with it.

The infants he’s murdered could not be reached for comment.

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