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Former Girl Scouts take on Girl Scouts – UPDATE! November 1, 2011

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I’ve blogged before about the many problems with Girl Scouts USA and their overweening international body, the World Council of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.  Over the weekend, I heard on EWTN radio (yes, there is still quality there, if the trend is negative) about an organization that has formed to expose the many problems with the Girl Scouts and especially their still cozy relationship with many Catholic parishes.  It is called Girl Scouts Why Not, and is a very handy and comprehensive resource for finding the numerous problems with Girl Scouts and in particular their relationship with Planned Barrenhood and programs that embrace the terrible sexualization of our young girls.  The problems with Girl Scouts extend far beyond the national and international leadership, with many local councils and troops engaging with Planned Parenthood and using extremely graphic websites as ‘educational tools’ for young girls – the more to help form them for a culture that wants to turn them into objects of men’s lust.

But there was a very interesting part of the program I listened to that unfortunately did not get discussed enough.   The discussion revealed that the primary reason why so many Catholic parishes still have a relationship with Girl Scouts is that they are “approved” by the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM)- the agency of the USCCB which is charged with overseeing, and “approving,” programs for Catholic youth.   They obviously “approve” of Girl Scouts, in spite of the huge amount of evidence that reveal that Girl Scouts support and engage in activities counter to the beliefs of the Church.  In 2005, the NFYCM, in response to widespread criticism of the continuing endorsement of Girl Scouts, produced a mealy mouthed position paper that attempted to whitewash the problems with Girl Scouts and produce a sort of ‘seamless garment’ regarding the good works the Girl Scouts do.  The person being interviewed on Barbara McWiggin’s program expressed great exasperation with NFCYM, and related that she had received a very hostile response to her presentation on the incompatibility of the current activities of Girl Scouts and the beliefs of the Catholic Church.  But that’s not the main point.

The main point is this: this is exactly the kind of “structure” envisioned by Cardinal Bernadin when he oversaw the massive expansion of what was then the National Council of Catholic Bishops in the 70s.  All these numerous organizations in the Church, which are all ostensibly “accountable” to the USCCB but in reality often operate with little oversight, create huge avenues for error to creep in.  Girl Scouts are allowed in any Catholic parish because they are “approved” by the USCCB through the NFCYM.  Now, in reality, any pastor so motivated could terminate his parish’s relationship with Girl Scouts or any other organization at any time.  But because they are “approved,” he will likely face many questions from angry parishioners and from the chancery. And so the wheel goes round, the error propagates, and the Church is diminished further.  Getting an organization like NFCYM to be responsive to concerns is extremely difficult – it takes a huge groundswell of effort to get them to move just a little bit.  Terminating the relationship with Girl Scouts is just not something they are interested in doing. 

That’s why I’m increasingly in favor of blowing up the whole bureaucratic, apparatchik, Americanism model, and getting back to a Church much more locally and spiritually focused.  As the Holy Father said in Germany, the Church in the affluent West has done a wonderful job of creating “structures” (bureaucracies), but he doubts the spirituality is there to support those massive structures.  The Holy Father has repeatedly expressed that he is concerned that the Church, especially all these alphabet soup organizations, are much too focused on temporal concerns and not enough on spiritual concerns.  But how do we overcome this present model of Church organization and get back to something much more focused on the individual parish and the spiritual needs of its people?

UPDATE: Couldn’t have timed it better myself: Girl Scouts convention features pro-abort speakers


1. Mary - November 2, 2011


If you haven’t seen enough yet,now the “Girl” Scouts is allowing boys, that is transgendered boys. I guess nobody is excluded.
So they are encouraging any type of behavior, or maybe only the “extraordinary” behavior.

I’d like our parishes to remove girl scouts from their approved and functioning groups. This is terrible. There are other groups, such as Little Flowers, for girls. We don’t have to join the main-stream secular world in everything we do.

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