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Post-abortive women 3x as likely to develop breast cancer November 30, 2011

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51 of 67 breast cancer studies since 1957 have shown a greatly increased risk of breast cancer in women who have had an abortion.  Breast cancer rates have exploded since first contraception, and then abortion, became legal and widespread.  A recent study from Armenia showed a nearly 3x increase in breast cancer rates for women who have had an abortion.  But somehow, the study’s author claimed there was no abortion-breast cancer link.  Armenia was formerly part of the Soviet Union – where abortion was virtually a religion and epidemic among women, and still is today.  That may have had an impact on insuring the “correct” conclusion was reached:

On Monday the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer pointed to a new study which found a nearly 3-fold increase in the risk of breast cancer among Armenian women who had an abortion as yet another reason women should steer clear of the procedure.

The report, “Influence of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and Prolonged Estrogen Exposure on Risk of Breast Cancer Among Women in Armenia” published in Taylor & Francis was authored by Lilit Khachatryan of the Department of Public Health at the American University of Armenia. The study included researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and the University of Pennsylvania.

The research found that induced abortions increased a woman’s risk of beast cancer 2.86 times — they claim however that “most evidence … points to no effect.”

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer contends that political correctness was the reason the researchers claimed there is no link.

Baruch College biology and endocrinology professor Joel Brind — an advocate of the breast cancer/abortion link — criticized the findings, explaining in a statement that the researchers “did not — and perhaps were not allowed to — characterize their findings honestly in the politically correct atmosphere of the U.S. and Europe. The good news is that they were able to report their findings in a prominent peer-reviewed journal at all.”

Karen Malec of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer pointed out that, though they deny a link, the researchers’ finding — that women who had an abortion were 2.68 times more likely to have breast cancer — was not a surprise as, according to Malec, 51 of 67 epidemiological studies since 1957 show a link.

The National Cancer Institutes and other groups continue to deny any link between abortion and breast cancer – but, then again, we’ve had scienticians telling us for years that we absolutely must gut our economy and give way to a small cabal running a command, “green” economy in order to stave off the dread threat of global warming.  That is to say, much “science” gets heavily politicized, and those conclusions which are not popular at times get ignored.  The fact remains, breast cancer rates have exploded over the past 50 years – faster than the growth of virtually any other form of cancer.  There must be some reason for that explosion.  Is it possible that powerful hormones in contraception are responsible, or that violenting interrupting pregnancies could be responsible? 

Certainly, with the present administration, we are unlikely to get any honest answers on this front.

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