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Two recommendations for Advent December 5, 2011

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Recommendation 1 – Pray the Divine Office with your family!  We’ve been doing this in the evening for some time and have benefited greatly.  The kids might wish it was shorter sometimes, but I think they enjoy it – or at least tolerate it reasonably well.  We stopped praying the revised Divine Office that was produced after Vatican II some time ago, and we now use the office from prior to Vatican II.  The prayers are more substantial and there is an even stronger connection to the liturgical life of the Church in the older office. You can find various copies of the traditional Roman Breviary to suit your preference, and there are copies available online.

The second recommendation, in the way of family viewing, is the movie Ostrov (The Island).  It’s a tale of a man who committs a terrible crime and then spends the rest of his life in a Russian Orthodox monastery.  It’s a powerful story of sin and redemption as well as a very interesting look at (eastern) monastic life.  It’s kid friendly although there is some brief violence at the beginning.  The entire movie is available on Youtube if you want it free.  h/t Fr. Ray Blake.

There is a strain of eastern Orthodox monasticism that is truly admirable, equal to the best of Catholic monasticism.

Reminder – NO Latin Mass at St. Mark tonight December 5, 2011

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Cancelled tonight, and until Dec. 26.

On the new Mass translations December 5, 2011

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I have now assisted at Mass a few times with the new translations in use.  I find them a terrific improvement.  I love the far more serious language and the stronger concepts conveyed.  But I’ve noted something a bit odd.  The language is a great improvement in nearly every respect – theologically, pastorally, lyrically, liturgically, maturity – but I’ve noted this language almost seems a bit out of place in many of our parishes.  So many of our parishes are so casual and modern, this fine, uplifting language is a bit jarring.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the new language.  But it seems much of our parish design and decor does not match it.  It’s kind of like finding the Royal Shakespeare Company playing at a NASCAR event. 

Has anyone else noticed this?  Could this new more accurate, more challenging, sometimes more theologically sound language be a necessary spur to get our churches designed more in line with the ideas of sin and salvation and the Holy Sacrifice?

Obviously, I’d love to see that, but I wonder if enough people were to observe, and perhaps comment to their priest/pastor, this difference, if it might gradually have an effect on Church design and accompanying art and finishing?  Certainly most parishes are not imminently preparing for a major renovation, but I’m talking in general, trends…….

Some parishes have gone from this…….

……to this, and for not a huge amount of money!

Newt flunks the pro-life test December 5, 2011

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Newt may wind up being the “anti-Romney.”  But he gets a very serious question very seriously wrong when he says life begins not at conception, as his Church believes, but at implantation.  Such a view of course allows the disasters of IVF, embryonic stem cell research, and abortive forms of contraception to continue unabated.  These are sadly popular items, so this is surely a calculated move:

TAPPER: Abortion is a big issue here in Iowa among conservative Republican voters and Rick Santorum has said you are inconsistent. The big argument here is that you have supported in the past embryonic stem cell research and you made a comment about how these fertilized eggs, these embryos are not yet “pre-human” because they have not been implanted. This has upset conservatives in this state who worry you don’t see these fertilized eggs as human life. When do you think human life begins?

GINGRICH: Well, I think the question of being implanted is a very big question. My friends who have ideological positions that sound good don’t then follow through the logic of: ‘So how many additional potential lives are they talking about? What are they going to do as a practical matter to make this real?’ I think that if you take a position when a woman has fertilized egg and that’s been successfully implanted that now you’re dealing with life. because otherwise you’re going to open up an extraordinary range of very difficult questions.

Well, I guess he’s still better than Mitt “I support abortion no I don’t yes I do I did before I didn’t have it both ways both sides of mouth which way is the wind blowing” Romney.   But once again we may be left with no truly pro-life candidate. 

A new life is made when the embryo is formed at conception.  There are powerful new forms of contraception that essentially abort this embryo at the earliest stage, before implantation.  Contraception is very popular.  Drug companies have lots of money.  It’s so easy to “compromise.”

Perry looks better and better.  I wish people would give him another look.  I wish somewhere there was a Catholic candidate that really, overtly tried to follow the Doctrine of the Faith.

Oh, yeah……..him.  But he doesn’t really count, does he?

Novena in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe December 5, 2011

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C’mon, it’s Advent, you need to have several Novenas ongoing simultaneously! 

Novena in Honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Feast is December 12. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Patroness of the Americas. Novena is usually prayed from December 4 to December 12. 

First Day Dearest Lady of Guadalupe, fruitful Mother of holiness, teach me your ways of gentleness and strength. Hear my humble prayer offered with heartfelt confidence to beg this favor…… Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be…


Second Day O Mary, conceived without sin, I come to your throne of grace to share the fervent devotion of your faithful Mexican children who call to you under the glorious Aztec title of Guadalupe. Obtain for me a lively faith to do your Son’s holy will always: May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be… 

Third Day O Mary, whose Immaculate Heart was pierced by seven swords of grief, help me to walk valiantly amid the sharp thorns strewn across my pathway. Obtain for me the strength to be a true imitator of you. This I ask you, my dear Mother. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be… 

Fourth Day Dearest Mother of Guadalupe, I beg you for a fortified will to imitate your divine Son’s charity, to always seek the good of others in need.

Grant me this, I humbly ask of you. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be… 

Fifth Day O most holy Mother, I beg you to obtain for me pardon of all my sins, abundant graces to serve your Son more faithfully from now on, and lastly, the grace to praise Him with you forever in heaven. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be… 

Sixth Day Mary, Mother of vocations, multiply priestly vocations and fill the earth with religious houses which will be light and warmth for the world, safety in stormy nights. Beg your Son to send us many priests and religious. This we ask of you, O Mother. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be… 

Seventh Day O Lady of Guadalupe, we beg you that parents live a holy life and educate their children in a Christian manner; that children obey and follow the directions of their parents; that all members of the family pray and worship together. This we ask of you, O Mother. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be… 

Eighth Day With my heart full of the most sincere veneration, I prostrate myself before you, O Mother, to ask you to obtain for me the grace to fulfill the duties of my state in life with faithfulness and constancy. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be… 

Ninth Day O God, You have been pleased to bestow upon us unceasing favors by having placed us under the special protection of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Grant us, your humble servants, who rejoice in honoring her today upon earth, the happiness of seeing her face to face in heaven. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be… 

What is this guy doing, and where at? (not safe for kids) December 5, 2011

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Context makes all the difference.  What is this guy watching, what is he doing, and where was this picture taken from?

So, one figure chilled out on the couch watching TV, and another one doing…….?  Well, would it make a difference if I told you that the figure was associated with some discussion on pornography?  Does the drooling tongue and possibly strategically placed right arm make a difference now?  Would it make any more difference if I told you this comes from p. 224 of Youcat, Cardinal Schoenborn’s youth catechism? 

Perhaps it’s meant to be silly, or…………something.  I don’t know, it certainly seems at best in bad taste, quite possibly scandalous. Is such an image appropriate for a Catholic Catechism?  Especially one targeted especially to youth?

Perhaps I’m just being my normal humorless, rigorist, out of touch self, and just don’t get it?