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Incredible statement by hispanic bishops of US on immigration December 13, 2011

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Wow.  What do you think of this?

Thirty-three of the Hispanic bishops in the US, including the archbishops of Los Angeles and San Antonio, have written a letter to the nation’s immigrants “to let those of you who lack proper authorization to live and work in our country know that you are not alone, or forgotten.”

In their message of support, the bishops say that immigrants have made important contributions to American society, and lamented that “you are often treated as criminals because you have violated current immigration laws.” [Did they really write that – with a straight face?  The mention breaking the law, and then lament how these immigrants are treated as criminals?  Do they write such for burglars, or arsonists, or even speeding motorists?  This statement is incredible.]

“In a very special way we want to thank you for the Christian values you manifest to us with your lives—your sacrifice for the well-being of your families, [Numerous families have been ripped apart by immigration – by choice.  In the book On The Immorality of Illegal Immigration by Fr. Patrick Bascio, he describes the lamentations sent him by numerous women in Mexico and Central America who have been abandoned by their husbands to seek their fortune in the US.  I know a woman here locally who left her husband and children to make money in the US, and is now living with a boyfriend who is not her husband. Not all immigration is motivated by the altruism these bishops assume] your determination and perseverance, your joy of life, your profound faith and fidelity despite your insecurity and many difficulties,” the bishops said in their letter, issued on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. “You contribute much to the welfare of our nation in the economic, cultural and spiritual arenas.”

………In your suffering faces we see the true face of Jesus Christ. We are well aware of the great sacrifice you make for your families’ well-being. Many of you perform the most difficult jobs and receive miserable salaries and no health insurance or social security. [Excuse me – were the immigrants forced here with a gun to their heads?  Did someone force them to take these “most difficult jobs” paying “miserable salaries” – salaries, which are much higher than they could earn in Mexico or other countries?  What of the responsiblity of Mexico to provide a decent economic environment for it’s citizens, instead of the oligarchy that prevails, with a few mega-rich, a very small middle class, and a huge swath of desperately poor?  Where is the indictment of the governments of these nations that produce the immigrants?] Despite your contributions to the well-being of our country, instead of receiving our thanks, you are often treated as criminals because you have violated current immigration laws………

We are also very aware of the pain suffered by those families who have experienced the deportation of one of their members. We are conscious of the frustration of youth and young adults who have grown up in this country and whose dreams are shattered because they lack legal immigration status. [So, this is nothing but a paean for amnesty] We also know of the anxiety of those whose application process for permanent residency is close to completion and of the anguish of those who live daily under the threat of deportation. This situation cries out to God for a worthy and humane solution. [So, God is angered by a nation enforcing what are really very liberal immigration laws?]  

We acknowledge that, at times, actions taken in regard to immigrants have made you feel ignored or abandoned, especially when no objection is raised to the false impressions that are promoted within our society … [Riiiiight – there is absolutely no one, save for these resolute bishops, speaking out on behalf of immigrants.  Do these bishops speak with such force for non-hispanic immigrants?]

The lack of a just, humane and effective reform of immigration laws negatively affects the common good of the entire United States. It pains and saddens us that many of our Catholic brothers and sisters have not supported our petitions for changes in the immigration law that will protect your basic rights while you contribute your hard work to our country. We promise to keep working to bring about this change … [This is a pretty outrageous statement.  There can be legitimate differences of opinion regarding policy issues like immigration.  There is no Doctrine that requires faithful Catholics to support what is being proposed here – turning the border of this country into a non-entity, freely allowing passage any and all who wish to enter.  If these immigrants were not hispanic and majority Catholic, would these bishops speak with the same force?  Is there not a powerful motivation here of self-interest?  When will the bishops speak on the issue of contraception – something that truly is a Doctrine of the Faith – with equal force?]

As pastors concerned for your welfare, we ask you to consider seriously whether it is advisable to undertake the journey here until after just and humane changes occur in our immigration laws … [???]

As members of the Body of Christ which is the Church, we offer you spiritual nourishment. Feel welcome to Holy Mass, the Eucharist, which nourishes us with the word and the body and blood of Jesus. We offer you catechetical programs for your children and those religious education programs that our diocesan resources allow us to put at your disposal [Soooo…..it’s not advisable to come, but……….look at all this great stuff we have for you if you do come!]

Wow – obviously, these bishops care very deeply about this issue.  I struggle to recall such strong statements with regard to truly Doctrinal issues that are far more in crisis in the Church in this country, as opposed to this primarily prudential issue of immigration laws.  Once again many bishops seem far more comfortable playing at temporal politics than engaging in their far more important prime mission of giving glory to God and saving souls.  I also find it amazing that these bishops do not mention the profoundly negative impacts of immigration, both on this nation and on the nations and families these immigrants leave behind.  These impacts include enormous costs to government to provide services to those who often pay no taxes (and who desire not to pay taxes – many immigrants choose not to follow the path of naturalization because there are economic benefits for them not to do so), in terms of great wage depression for native born citizens and legal immigrants, the unjustness of amnesty as a remedy in terms of those who have obeyed the law to come here, the re-emergence of diseases long extinguished in this nation – like tuberculosis – due to this enormous, uncontrolled influx of peoples – the list is endless.  None of this is mentioned, the illegal immigrants are above portrayed as models of virtue, their law breaking conveniently swept under the rug, proletarian heroes struggling and suffering under the cruel whip of their capitalist overlords.  The terrible, horrific crimes often perpetrated by immigrants get no mention, the environmental destruction they have wreaked particularly in Arizona but in many other locales is ignored – the entire document is nothing but shameless pandering.  I get a strong whiff of “liberation theology” from this document.

This document purports to be from all the hispanic bishops or bishops emerita of this country, but I note that Bishop Rene Gracida did not sign.  That alone says a great deal. 


1. Dismas - December 13, 2011

What else to expect from these gentlemen?

Had those Mexicans here in this country not been allowed to illegally be here, they might have put adequate pressure on their own government to make that country a more fair and decent place for the ordinary person to live. In terms of natural resources, Mexico is easily as wealthy as this country.

Wanna’ see real discrimination against illegal immigrants? Visit Mexico’s border with Guatemala.

It is not hard to figure these “bishops” out. They never grew up or grew out of the 60s when all of this stuff was fashionable and when these issues were treated simply superficially. They are not very bright, they are not very Catholic, and they never grew up. But they do have a bully pulpit and they do have access to the money of other people. Kinda like politicians, huh?

2. lilyrose - December 13, 2011

Makes my head explode.

3. Janet Baker - December 14, 2011

Look at two who did sign it:
Bishop Ochoa, who banished Father Michael Rodriguez to diocesan siberia for clearly articulating Church teaching regarding the gay lifestyle.
Bishop Zavala, who presided over debacles masquerading as “masses” at the heterodox LA Religious Ed Conference.

God bless Bishop Gracida for declining to sign this bilge.

4. Veritas - December 14, 2011

This tragic.

These shepherds are interested in their ethnic relatives and totally ignore the rest of their sheep.

What about the American legal residents who have been incredibly harmed by illegal immigration?

The Church’s official teachings on illegal immigration are much more fair and just..

These men are more Mexican than Catholic.

Faithful Catholics are concerned with justice and charity for all.

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