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Oh dear….. December 15, 2011

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St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN is one of the most fervent repositories of modernism in the Church today.  There have been repeated accusations of molestation directed at priests and brothers stationed there, some with really dark details..  There is an entire blog dedicated to these stories.   I have a high level of doubt when it comes to many accusations of “church sex abuse,” but the stories are so consistent and so widely told – and some of them have been openly admitted by the Abbey and its current and former staff – that even the darkest stories may be true.

The abbey church itself is a modernist catastrophe.  Cold, barren, full of concrete, no crucifix, just a bare cross – it has all the appearance of a place where faith comes to die.  Some disgraced former clergy/religious from St. John’s Abbey have found a home in the episcopal church. 

BUT!  They do have liturgical dance, so, uh………they’ve got that going for them:

Now there’s some church-y music.

The setting, the music, the modern “dance”……….it’s quite possibly in its totality the worst thing I’ve ever put on this blog.

h/t Eponymous Flower

Please please PLEEEEAAASSSEEEE come to our failing church December 15, 2011

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You might remember from two years ago that an “anglican” parish in New Zealand ran a horribly offensive, blasphemous ad, depicting a very dissatisfied Blessed VIRGIN after coitus with St. Joseph, with a degenerate caption associated with it.  I won’t post that pic on this blog, but you can see it here.


This year, they’ve come up with this:

Ohhhh, look at us!  We’re edgy, we’re progressive!  Please look at our blatant sop to the fallen culture!   Please, won’t someone come to our parish!  We’re really hip, can’t you tell?  We’re trying soooooooooooooo hard!  Shouldn’t we at least get credit for that?

Paaaaathetic.  And this is what we fall all over ourselves trying to please through the wonderful “ecumenical” effort?

h/t CMR

I think this person needs some serious prayers December 15, 2011

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I posted a couple of weeks ago about a lawyer’s rant against Catholics in a Minnesota court filing.  At first blush, it seemed like garden variety nutty bigotry.  But now a further filing has been made, and I think the highlight should be on the “nutty” aspect:

Two weeks ago, Minnesota bankruptcy attorney Rebekah Nutt gained notoriety for filing a memo that contained anti-Catholic slurs.

Nutt’s client–Naomi Isaacson, herself an attorney–has now filed a memo with additional anti-Catholic slurs. Referring to the judge, who is not a Catholic, as a “popess” and “a secret Catholic Knight Witch Hunter,” Isaacson’s filing stated that “we may as well flush her papal bull order down the toilet.”

The court, Isaacson’s memo added, “is an arm of the Church to force the minority to be converted or face the consequences just like during the Dark and Middle Ages.”

“The Catholic Church has millions of Jesuits working undercover around the country to fulfill the Church’s agenda,” the memo continued. “They give orders, pull the strings, and their puppets like [Judge] Nancy Dreher jump like zombies.”

I think this person needs prayers.  Either she’s read waaaaaay too many Jack Chick books or she’s got serious mental problems.  Actually, both are the same thing.  I pray she gets the help she needs.

A Tebow win means all you Christofascists will go on a rampage December 15, 2011

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So says Rabbi Joshua Hannerman, writing in The Jewish Week:

Tebow’s sanctimonious God-talk has led even pious peers like Kurt Warner to suggest that he coolit. Joseph could have used the same coaching.

If Tebow wins the Super Bowl, against all odds, it will buoy his faithful, and emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, [how many mosques have been burned in the US since 9/11, vice how many churches have been burned in the middle east?] bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants. [how, precisely, will Christian thugs go about “banishing immigrants.”  I think this guy actually means a devoutly religious presidential candidate.  So this is really all code speak?]   While America has become more inclusive since Jerry Falwell’s first political forays, a Tebow triumph could set those efforts back considerably.

I had to quote from NRO, because The Jewish Week flushed the story down the memory hole.  We normally think of Jews as being the ones persecuted, or suffering from bigotry, but man being man it obviously works both ways.

I think that Tebow’s proselytizing is fantastic. I like how he rubs salt in the gaping sore of religious indifferntism in our culture. I don’t think he means to – it’s simply a natural by-product of his stalwart faith coming in contact with an indifferentist, even pagan world.  You can see the media squirm when they hear him engage in his “God talk.” as if that is something to be ashamed of.

I’m not a Tebow fan, as a player.  I thought he was overhyped at Florida and got alot of credit that should have gone to his O-line, creating holes Vince Young would have done cartwheels through.  But I admire his faith, and pray for his conversion.  He could make an incredible evangelist for Catholicism – someone needs to conk him on the head and make him live at Clear Creek during the off season.  I jest………

As for the rabbi – the secular Jewish faith has collapsed.   The small observant/orthodox sect is still strong, but those outside it have numbers among the worst of the broader culture in terms of religious attendance, total fertility rate (the secular jewish fertility rate is the lowest of any group in the US), and general embrace of secular leftism.  This rant on Tebow was infantile bigotry, reflective of what the rabbi thinks he knows about Tebow and Christians (he made a number of mistakes about Tebow’s practice of the faith in the full article) rather than actual, you know……evidence.  That bigotry also fits the secular pagan left’s view of devout Christians, as well, as crazed fanatics just itching for an opportunity to go on a pogrom.  It’s as facile and self-serving as it is false.

 At least we now know how he feels.

Every major disaster that has befallen the Church………. December 15, 2011

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…….has always been preceded by a period of terrible episcopal leadership.  I’m reading Dr. Warren Carroll’s The Cleaving of Christendom, and it’s heartbreaking.  The protestant revolt was instigated due to gross corruption, faithlessness, and general dereliction of duty by the bishops and some priests and religious in the Church.  Yes, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, etc., were all heretics with massive issues of their own, but they would not have split away 1/3 of the Church if there hadn’t been massive problems – and problems there were.  Are we in a similar place today?  What do you think Voris might have to say on the issue?

I’m not saying we’re about to see another major schism/heresy, but I wouldn’t be surprised, given the level of apostasy abounding in the Church.