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Dallas March for Life scheduled for Jan. 21 2012 December 22, 2011

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The 2012 March for Life will take place Saturday, Jan 21.  Mass starts at 10 am (but get there by 9 at the latest if you want a prayer of getting a seat) with the March beginning around noon after the Mass.  Same drill as in year’s past.  I had hoped that the Mass might be moved to a larger facility due to the great overcrowding in years past, especially last year, but I guess they’ll keep it at the Cathedral, which is really the appropriate place for the Mass, it’s just getting far too small for the crowds.

Full schedule of events here.  I pray we see priests and even bishops pray outside abortion mills on an ongoing basis – such a concerted effort has worked a miracle in Rockford, Illinois.

I have become increasingly convinced that we won’t be rid of abortion-0n-demand as the law of the land until we produce a sea change in attitudes with regard to contraception, and that has to start within the Church, first.

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