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What I’ve been doing instead of blogging…… December 22, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, awesomeness, silliness.

…..I left you guys high and dry with no notice blogging was going to be light to non-existent over the period Dec. 19 – Jan 5 as I am on vacation.  Uhhhh….if by vacation I mean transferring my labors from my place of paid employment to home, where the sawdust has been a’flying.  I’m trying to get some cabinets finished during this long break, all the while fighting a bad upper respiratory infection.  I’ve never built cabinets before, it’s a bit of a stretch in my capabilities – I’m not sure I’ll make the doors, I may buy them, but the rest I’m doing, including the drawers.  I’ve been making many cuts using a router.  Some of this has been some pretty heavy duty stuff – cutting 3/4″ channels in oak plywood or into hardwood pieces, but the old router my dad gave me has been fully up to the task.  It’s only about 35 years old, but still works like a champ.  So many of today’s power tools aren’t much good beyond 5-10 years of serious use, even the “professional grade” ones, and alot of cheap stuff will conk out after any serious use.  So I’m proud of my dad’s router…….a Sears Craftsman special from 1977 or 8.

Made in the USA baby!  Even though this router has only 7/8 hp, it cuts nearly as well as my new Porter Cable with 3 times as much power, and it’s a lot easier to use.


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