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John Salza on Fatima and Vatican II – Steve B must watch – UPDATED!! December 26, 2011

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Well, this is a pretty powerful thesis:

I’ve seen quite a bit of evidence from multiple sources that the Third Secret of Fatima does involve apostasy within the Church – concentrated at the highest levels – which is unprecedented in magnitude (saving for AD 336 and Arianism?).

Is that apostasy tied to Vatican II?  Could that be why the secret would be “clearer” in 1960, when preparations for the Council were underway? With all that has occurred since Vatican II, and with so many concerns over the “problem” statements in Vatican II, Salza certainly has much ammunition to work with.

John Salza is a brilliant apologist, and my favorite modern day exegete.  He’s been on my blogroll forever.  I’ve bought almost all his books.  His embrace of Tradition over the last several years has cost him greatly financially and in his career as a high-profile Catholic apologist and exegete, but he couldn’t care less.  That earns high marks to me. He absolutely believes what he conveys.  He totally torched the twisted, apparently avaracious Dimond “brothers.”

UPDATE: I don’t know if anyone has watched this, but you really, really, REALLY should.  I know it’s an hour, but it is very, very much worth it, especially beginning about 10 minutes in and then going on to the end.  Salza expounds on a belief that the Third Secret of Fatima deals with modernism/freemasonry penetrating the entire Church to the highest levels, and leading then to mass apostasy.  The whole point was to corrupt the traditional Doctrine of the Faith and replace the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church with a meaningless ecumenical melange – a cult of man rather than a Cult of God.  Has Salza gone crazy, or is this a reasonable interpretation of both Fatima and the last 50+ years of Church history?  I would very much like to see what people think.  Salza’s quote from then Cardinal Pacelli is extremely unnerving, at the least.