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My Christmas Epiphany January 5, 2012

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I had a minor epiphany over the long period of prayer and reflection, and much woodworking, and chasing the kids around the house, and spending time with my wife, and a little extra sleep, that was my Christmas vacation.  I don’t normally get fired up about taking a vacation, because usually the work just transfers from one place to another, but this year, I really needed and wanted a “break,” such as it was.  But back to the main point, I did have a little epiphany, a moment of realization, if you will, regarding the various topics I was reading on and thinking about during the break (the protestant revolt, the horrific Mexican persecution of the period 1917-1940, plus all of Dom Proper Gueranger’s work on Advent).  In the back of  my mind was my continual reading and re-reading of Pascendi Domini Gregis – Pope St. Pius X’s encyclical denouncing modernism as a formal heresy – “the synthesis of all heresies.”

My epiphany was this – modernism is simply, or primarily, an attempt to rationalize left wing political beliefs with the Catholic, or even Christian, Faith.  There is no more explanation needed beyond this.  All of modernism’s novelties, which grew out of “enlightenment rationalism” and its first practical application, the French Revolution, are focused on trying to coalesce a coherent philoosphical and theological framework amongst two radically disparate sets of beliefs – the dialectical materialism of leftism, and Christianity.  That such a framework is impossible has been born out by the experience of the past century, with millions of people falling away from the faith, with the steady progression epitomized in a cartoon I once saw that showed a descending flight of stairs starting from modernism, to denial of the Resurrection, to denial of the Incarnation, to Agnosticism, to, finally, atheism and spiritual oblivion.  Sadly, almost all of us have been infected by these errors to one extent or another. 

I hope to get back to delving more into the Catechism of Modernism and sharing the errors Pope St. Pius X highlighted, because I think you will see how pervasive those errors are not only in our culture, but in our Church. 

It’s always possible my epiphany was false!  Modernism could well be more encompassing than an attempt at political rationalization, but I think the description fits to a large extent.  I’ll try to develop this some more in the next few weeks, as well.

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