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RCTV responds January 9, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, episcopate, foolishness, General Catholic, persecution, Virtue.

In the ongoing imbroglio over RCTV’s use of the term ‘Catholic,’ Real Catholic TV, in the person of Michael Voris, has responded:

LifeSiteNews has more information here, including an appraisal by a canon lawyer other than Ed Peters who thinks the issue of jurisdiction is not nearly so cut and dried as Ed Peters has claimed (emphasis mine):

Fr. Mark Gurtner, Judicial Vicar of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend in Indiana spoke with LifeSiteNews, acknowledging that the diocese did know of Mr. Brammer’s enterprise of RealCatholicTV.com.  When asked if the diocese had any complaints about RealCatholicTV.com, Gurner replied, “No, as far as I know there’s nothing.”

Speaking as a canon lawyer and not an official of the diocese, Gurtner also said he believes the jurisdiction of the case resides with the Indiana diocese. “It certainly seems to me that canonically Michael Voris would not be the one that this would be imposed on,” he said. “Even though he is the one that regularly appears on (the show) he, in a sense, is really just an employee of (RealCatholicTV.com).”

“It seems like if the Archdiocese of Detroit is trying to go after (Voris), that’s the wrong person to address this with, that would have to be with the owner of the website or blog,” he added.

“I suppose if this Marc Brammer is paying for and running, constructing his blog from our diocese in his home I suppose you could make the argument that we have jurisdiction canonically.”

When asked by LifeSiteNews what concerns the Detroit Archdiocese had about Voris and RealCatholicTV.com, Detroit Archdiocesan Director of Communications McGrath would not specify any concern other than the use of the word ‘Catholic’.

Asked if the archdiocese has asked any other group or individual in the archdiocese not to use the name Catholic, McGrath said he couldn’t remember any other cases during his 20 years with the diocese.  “I don’t know. I’ve been here 20 years I can’t say that we’ve never done that in the history of the Archdiocese,” he said.

Pressed on the point, he said, “I wouldn’t want to say that definitively. But not any that I can recall recently, no.”

Ed Peters, of course, indicates that the Archdiocese of Detroit has a lock-solid case in enforcing their authority over RCTV.  Having said that, I’ve had some exchanges with Ed Peters off line that I would characterize as frustrating.  He’s very good at being a lawyer – you could say, very non-committal.  He says alot without saying anything.  I would also say he definitely knows what side his bread is buttered on.  I always bear that in mind when reading his blog.  In a long ago issue regarding diocesan divorce annulment tribunals, he absolutely refused to acknowledge that some stinging comments made by the Pope regarding what some have called “American annulment mills” could have any import whatever.  I must admit, that did color my impression of his work, a previously quite positive impression.


1. Colleen Hammond - January 9, 2012

Lawyers… SHEESH.

So, Indiana has jurisdiction. Indiana doesn’t have a problem with RCTV using the word “Catholic”. In 20 years, Detroit hasn’t ever gone after anyone else for using the word “Catholic” in their name. Detroit’s only problem with RCTV is that they’re using the name Catholic–they have no issues with their orthodoxy.

So what was this all about again!??!?!?

tantamergo - January 9, 2012

It was about Voris criticizing the episcopate, and the advance of orthodox Catholicism at the expense of the heterodox entrenched in many chanceries.

2. Karl - January 10, 2012


BUT, otherwise he is a thoughtful, measured, faithful catholic canon lawyer.

tantamergo - January 10, 2012

Yes, he’s pretty good, but we had an extended exchange that disappointed me to an extent.

Thanks for the comment. God bless!

3. Karl - January 10, 2012

If your exchange involved nullities, I have seen that he does not believe in the corruption that I have seen directly and through others experiences.

That, about him, is a very sad reality because he could do good, I think.

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