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Prayers, in your charity January 12, 2012

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A great tragedy/atrocity has occurred at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Helotes, TX.  This is a parish that some of my wife’s family attends.  My brother-in-law is very involved at this parish.  Apparently, a murder-suicide took place at the parish yesterday.  I can’t imagine what the parish community is going through:

A man and woman were killed in an apparent murder-suicide at a Helotes church Wednesday afternoon.

Police said the shooting occurred just after 3 p.m. at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church off Riggs Road and Highway 16.

Lt. Elliot Rodriguez with the Helotes Police Department said officers received a call for shots fired at the church and when they responded, they found the front door locked and they could see two bodies inside.

Officers entered the building and saw two individuals who were deceased, one male, one female,” Rodriguez said. “They’ve both been identified but their family hasn’t been contacted yet.”

Rodriguez said the victims are in their mid-40s to early 50s. Rodriguez said a pistol was found between the two bodies, which were near the church altar[My Lord, what a ghastly thing………]

Both the man and the woman are believed to be from San Antonio and were parishioners at the church, police said. Information about their relationship has not been released. No other people were inside the church at the time.

I’ve been to this parish many times.  Our Lady of Guadalupe is, I think you could say, not my kind of parish.  It has many of the same problems that are so common in San Antonio churches – the ‘spirit’ was drunk deeply there, and is still very strong.  But at a time like this such things are immaterial.  I pray for my wife’s family and all parishioners of this parish, and especially for the families of the deceased.  The state of a soul who commits suicide after a murder……….I can’t even bear to think of it. 

Dear Lord, have mercy.  Comfort the anguish of all those involved.

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1. Old School Gamer Dad - January 12, 2012

Lord, have mercy!

2. Mary - January 12, 2012

says she’s owner of a funeral home, they may have been dating, video shows they walked in as if under their own free will. Apparently neither was a parishioner.

May God have Mercy. What happens to a church when there’s a murder inside – is it time for an Exorcism?

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