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Talk about a real outrage – no more Dublin Dr. Pepper!! January 13, 2012

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I love this stuff! 

The Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company has sold its rights to produce the iconic beverage in a settlement over a long-running feud.

The plant opened more than a century ago, filling containers with Dr Pepper made with pure cane sugar. But the oldest Dr Pepper bottler in the world has now produced its final “pick me up.”

The development is cutting deep, stripping the very identity of this small Erath County town 75 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

It is the conclusion of a lawsuit pitting Plano-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group and its most famous bottling plant — a 120-year-old facility that started building a brand that later defined this community.

“Every town wants to find something that’s uniquely theirs, and Dr Pepper was uniquely ours,” said Jeff Kloster, vice-president of Dublin Bottling Works.

Dublin was one of only a few facilities that produced Dr Pepper using the original cane sugar formula. It’s been operated by the same family for four generations… (continued)

We frequently drive through Dublin on our way to Harper.  We’d frequently stop at the tiny bottling plant and attached shop and museum to get a Dr. Pepper float or a case of bottles.  I read somewhere they’re going to continue making some kind of drink there, just not Dr. Pepper.  I doubt I’ll be interested.

Poor little Dublin, this minor attraction was about all it had going for it.

Support Fr. Rodriguez – send a letter to Apostolic Nuncio January 13, 2012

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If you would like to support Fr. Rodriguez by more concrete action than prayer, you could, in your charity, send a letter to the Apostolic Nuncio  indicating your support.  Some form letters are provided below for your convenience:


Your Excellency,

My name is [Joe Smith] and I live in [Chicago, IL].  As a faithful Catholic, I am very concerned and upset with the latest action taken by Bishop Armando Ochoa against Fr. Michael Rodríguez.  Fr. Rodríguez is a good priest who has helped me through the sermons he provides. it appears the action the bishop has taken is unjust and is motivated by the fact that Fr. Rodriguez taught the Chruch’s truth regarding the sanctity of marriage and the sinfulness of homosexual actions. It would be a great help to the faith of all Catholics and a witness to non-Catholics as well if Holy Mother Church looked into this matter directly and ensured that truth, goodness and justice prevailed in the matter. Please your Excellency, we ask you to investigate and intervene in the matter. We are convinced this is an unjust persecution of Fr. Rodríguez and is outrageous.


Your Excellency,

My name is [Mary Johnson] and I am a Catholic from [Dallas, TX]. I have been a Catholic all my life (or I converted to Catholicism x years ago, or even I am a non-Catholic if that be the case]. I have followed the situation from Fr. Rodriguez from afar, especially because I believe in holy Matrimony [or anything else, like the Truth of the Faith, appreciate the Latin Mass, etc.]. I am dismayed that Bishop Ochoa has chosen to make a public case against Fr. Rodriguez, since it seems it would have been far more prudent to deal with this matter in the internal forum of the Church. Such actions do not seem to help the Church or provide a good witness to the world of how Christians should act. Your Excellency, we implore that you investigate and intervene in the matter directly. An outside third party, be it the newly assigned Bishop to El Paso or a temporary Diocesan Administrator,  would be able to examine the evidence, hear the parties involved fairly, and arrive at an honest, just, and objective solution to the matter without hurting the Church or causing any slander. I believe this would by far be in the best interests of the people of El Paso, Catholics all over the world, and Holy Mother Church. Our prayers are with you and the Holy Father, Pope Benedict, and may our Lord strengthen you with His grace.


Even a personal testimony can help, regarding what you know of how Fr. Rodriguez lives, very simply and never misusing money. For example, someone already sent me this email. Details like this can be incorporated into a letter to the nuncio: “Everybody who met Father Rodríguez knows he is a very simple person. When he was here he asked me even to be transferred to a cheaper hotel because he thought the hotel I arranged for him, which was considerably simple at that time, was too sophisticated for him. He despises even technological gadgets in his sermons. I remember his desire to take a bus instead of a taxi with a lot of suitcases. How can that bishop make such a terrible accusation against Father Rodríguez?” This is just one person’s simple experience of Father but the testimony is a powerful one and will help the Nuncio understand who the people are that are involved in this situation.

What should be common to all the letters is an expression of confidence in and support for Fr. Rodríguez, and a plea for the Nuncio to intervene on Father’s behalf.

Letters to the Nuncio can be sent to:

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

Apostolic Nuncio to the United States

3339 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20008-3687

[End samples/Quote]

If you would like to make up your own letter, be sure to stress that you perceive this action against Fr. Rodriguez to be unjust and that Fr. Rodriguez is an upright, virtuous, and stalwart defender of the Faith.

I think many prayers should also be offered for Bishop Ochoa and whatever needs he has with regard to growth in virtue, execution of the office of bishop, etc..

Why the Voris and Rodriguez situations matter January 13, 2012

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Because things like this must stop, and never, ever happen again:

CMR reports:

Rev. Roy Snipes of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Mission brings five of his large, mixed-breed dogs into the sanctuary during mass. And…And…wait for it….They even have their own vestments.

BTW, Mission is Mission, TX.  The church itself doesn’t look that bad – I see an altar rail peeking out at the bottom of the pic, but, sorry, no matter how much you personify and adore your dogs, they don’t belong at Mass unless you’re blind or otherwise require assistance.  If people complain about the presence of dogs in the house of God (the place where Heaven and earth meet, where Angels glide around the altar and the Once for all time Sacrifice of Jesus Christ – always ongoing in Heaven – is made present for mere mortals and bread and wine are changed into His Body and Blood), THEY, the people, are driven from the Sanctuary, they are told to leave!!  Here we have this sublime moment, the greatest power ever given to the hands of man to enact and………..there is a frapping dog lying there on the floor, panting, drooling……….good grief.  And not just one, a whole brood of them. 

It’s precisely these kinds of things who make those who take their faith seriously gravely concerned.  It’s stupid and it’s irreverent and it’s selfish and it’s offensive to many, I’m sure. 

Thus, the modern “pastor.” 

CMR finished with:

I wonder if Fr. Snipes has checked with the competent ecclesiastical authorities to check whether he can use the name Catholic? [that’s good!]

All dogs may go to heaven, can’t say the same about priests.

Some more developments in the Voris case January 13, 2012

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Some updates on the Real Catholic TV/Archdiocese of Detroit imbroglio – someone has started up a blog on the same day AOD released their second press release stating RCTV “was not authorized to use the name Catholic” which is trying to dig up dirt on Michael Voris and the organization.  I won’t like to it, but it looks and reads to me like a funded operation – they’ve spun out several well researched posts in less than 10 days, posts that required many hours of research to put together.  So, my guess is someone is being paid, or at least helped out a great deal, to put these “questions” or assertions out there.  In fact, looking at the timing of Ed Peter’s major post on this subject, the AOD’s second press release, and the creation of this mystery blog (I’ve seen few blogs so cagey about the identities of the bloggers) – all Jan 3 – you could say there was a concerted PR effort underwahy on that date. If you’re a curious catholic, I’m sure you can find this blog I’m talking about, but I’m not going to do their job for them with a link.

Secondly, and I meant to post this a couple days ago but haven’t gotten to it yet, JoeK at Defend Us In Battle addresses just this PR angle.  He feels – and substantiates pretty well – that the AOD is intentionally trying this case in the court of public opinion, and that they don’t want it to be a canon law issue, but a PR issue, which they hope to win.   JoeK has an extensive background in public relations, and feels the Archdiocese of Detroit’s campaign has been an orchestrated PR campaign from the get-go:

The only portion of this dispute that turns on Canon law is the Canon law question of whether the AOD can Canonically prohibit RCTV from using the name ‘Catholic.’ Beyond that, this matter has nothing to do with Canon law. In the most recent Vortex, Voris himself admits that they will not be making Canonical arguments about this issue. He issues a call to prayer.

If this isn’t about popular opinion, blogs, and what people “think” why are so many “gigs” being wasted on it? Why has Dr. Peters written three blog posts about it? Why does Father Z. put up posts that essentially are copies of Dr. Peters’ posts, only so that people can use his [Fr. Z’s] com-box for discussion? Why have other blogs who rarely write about such things made this a “hot topic” on their blogs? I will tell you why, again. This was meant to be, and has become, a public opinion battle. [and the canon law issue is mostly a big head fake to direct attention away the deliberate effort to decide this case in the court of public opinion]

[This is key…..] The reason that so many are on Voris’ side in this is simple: walk into a parish anywhere and you are likely to find what he talks about on the Vortex everyday. This is true in the Archdiocese of Detroit, I was a parishioner there in several parishes. Bloggers who write and talk about the faith everyday know that Voris is on to something, even if they don’t like his method, tone, or hair. He is willing to say in public, what most are only willing to say to their close friends: there are serious problems in our parishes and it seems that priests and Bishops turn a blind eye to them. [This simple statement should be blown up,  magnified 5 trillion times, hung from the sky, shouted from the rooftops, proclaimed, discussed, prayer over, etc., etc constantly every day until changes start to happen.  All Voris has done is to identify and PUBLICIZE what so many faithful Catholics already know – our Church is a mess, and drastic change is needed immediately] This being the case, when a Bishop, who many consider to be very orthodox and loyal to the Church, comes out and tries to silence that voice… people are left in a quandary.  [I, for one, am not in a quandry. Even though Vigneron is ostensibly one of the more ‘orthodox’ bishops, he ain’t that orthodox.  Bishops hate criticism.  Voris has a big voice.  Stir in a bit of “encouragement” from some elements at USCCB, and voila – a bishop trying to shut down RCTV]

The faithful want an authentic version of the faith. [And, more, many of them feel they aren’t getting it at their home parish] They want to hear the Pope say something, and then witness it in their parish. Parents want to teach their children about the faith, and have it affirmed in homilies at Mass. The youth want a faith that they are willing to go against the culture for. People know what is real when they see it, and frankly… in many parishesTHEY DONT SEE IT. So when someone like Voris says what many have been thinking, they gravitate to him. He becomes the “real” to them. So when matters like this come up, and complex Canonical issues are involved in what has been made to be a “popular opinion” battle, people will do what they can to back their man. That being said, I don’t believe that “might makes right,” I am simply observing the landscape.

This isn’t about Canon law. Archdioceses don’t put out press releases on issues preemptively to make the point that they need to deal with a Canonical issue. Someone convinced the good Archbishop that they could acheive whatever ultimate end they are seeking by waging this in the public realm. They were wrong. The good Archbishop should root out his faulty advisors and start addressing the real problem here: modernism and heterodoxy run amok. [Another statement that should be shouted from the rooftops – modernism and heresy run amok are killing the Church] The world is in upheaval, and people want a strong bold leader. They want words and action. One entity in this dispute has waged a war of words, the other has waged a war of words and action. Specifically prayer.

So realize… this isn’t about Canon law…………. I just hope the good Archbishop realizes that the longer he lets those in the AOD wage this war attempting to convince people that this is about Canon law, the worse it becomes for him. The blogosphere is speaking, and it isn’t echoing many praises of the AOD.

[End Quote]

I heartily endorse all the above.  This is an intentional campaign of destroying the reputation of RCTV, under the mask of a canon law issue.  I note once again, RCTV has not been directed to do anything, publicly, and I don’t think they have been privately, either.  Repeated statements to the effect that “the AOD does not consider RCTV authorized to use the name ‘Catholic'” do not constitute an order or directive in a direct sense. I brought that point up to Ed Peters via e-mail, and he hasn’t seen fit to address it, to my knowledge.  He certainly hasn’t replied to my e-mail. 

Michael Voris has said many things that are embarrassing and inconvenient for bishops to consider.  Could this issue have devolved down to a question of either taking on those issues that Voris repeatedly points out, or simply squashing the inconvenient voice?  Accurate or not, that is the impression many have of the situation.  That does not redound well to the reputation of the Archdiocese of Detroit, no matter how this plays out.  As JoeK said, they’re losing.

I have a feeling that even if this voice is squashed, there will just be more that rise up in his stead.

The nastiness against Fr. Rodriguez ratchets up a notch January 13, 2012

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Unbelievable.  Outgoing Bishop Ochoa, as a sort of “goodbye present” to his most orthodox priest and the faithful of the Diocese, has filed suit against Fr. Rodriguez over alleged “financial improprieties.”  My understanding is that these issues are trivial and may have to do with getting the necessary permissions from the Diocese for certain improvements at the parish.  Most chanceries nowadays insist on approving any expenditure for capital improvements over a certain, usually ridiculously low, amount.  Not sure if that’s exactly the case here, but, nevertheless, Bishop Ochoa has chosen to get nasty.  Here is his statement: Bishops Press Release 2012 01 11

Fr. Rodriguez released this statement in reply:

JANUARY 12, 2012 PRESS RELEASE by Fr. Michael Rodríguez

It is unfortunate that Bishop Armando Ochoa, Administrator of the Diocese of El Paso and no longer our bishop, has decided to pursue legal action against me.  Such legal action is unjust.  Over the course of 9 1/2 years as the parish priest of San Juan Bautista Catholic Church, I poured my heart and soul into caring for this parish, both in terms of temporal goods, and especially spiritual goods.  I’m confident that hundreds of my former parishioners will eagerly testify to this.  In his January 11, 2012, press release, Bishop Ochoa stated, “Fr. Rodríguez’s handling and use of donated funds has compromised the financial integrity of San Juan Bautista.”  This is not true.  Bishop Ochoa’s statement also refers to “Fr. Rodríguez’s mishandling of funds.”  Again, this is not true.  I have always honored, respected, and made good use of the financial patrimony of San Juan Bautista.  I stake my entire reputation on this claim.  On September 20, 2011, I opened my heart to my bishop, like a son to a father, and was completely honest and forthcoming with him as to the financial affairs of San Juan Bautista.  I told him everything.  He chose not to believe me.  For the past four months, my canon lawyer has made repeated efforts to resolve this matter with Most Rev. Armando Ochoa, and he has refused.  [Shades of the Voris situation, and many others.  The ‘communication’ is always one way] I have a great love for my former parish of San Juan Bautista, and my former parishioners.  I am ready to fight for and defend them, whatever the cost.  I am also ready to protect my own good name and reputation.  I have never misappropriated or misused parish funds.  Finally, I am convinced that the real reason for my former bishop’s actions against me is due to my defense of the Catholic Church’s teaching with regard to homosexuality as well as my adherence to the Roman Liturgy of 1962.  If necessary, I will present prodigious evidence to support this contention.  [Does Bishop Ochoa want this information public?] I will continue to do my best to be a good and holy priest, no matter the cost.  I will continue to proclaim and teach the truths of the Roman Catholic Church, especially in the area of sexual morality, no matter the cost.  I will continue to adhere to the Ancient Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, no matter the cost.  Please keep me in your prayers during this difficult trial.  Please entrust me and my priesthood to the loving protection of Sancta Dei Genetrix, the Most Holy Mother of God.  Thank you and may the good Lord bless you as this joyous Christmas season continues.

Fr. Michael Rodríguez,
Parochial Vicar, Santa Teresa de Jesús Parish
Presidio, TX            

As I alluded to yesterday, that Fr. Rodriguez’ faces serious opposition, much of it operating in manners which are beneath the dignity of the various offices held.  I beg your prayers for Fr. Rodriguez, and that El Paso will have a much, much better bishop named – as I said, this is going to get much worse before it gets any better.

Sursum Corda!