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Acknowledging Our Unworthiness in the Sight of God January 17, 2012

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Boy howdy, does that apply to ME!  I may as well be the model for which Thomas a Kempis took this Chapter 8, Book III of The Imitation of Christ:

I will speak to my Lord, I, who am but dust and ashes (Gen 18:27).  If I think anything better of myself, behold Thou standest against me and my sins bear witness to the truth, and I cannot contradict it. 

But if I humble myself and acknowledge my own nothingness, and cast away all manner of esteem of myself and (as I really am) account myself to be mere dust, Thy grace will be favorable to me and Thy light will draw nigh to my heart; and all self-esteem, how small soever, will be sunk in the depth of my own nothingness and there lose itself forever. 

It is there Thou showest to myself, what I am, what I have been, and what I am to come to; for I am nothing and I knew it not (Ps 72:22). 

If I am left to myself, behold I am nothing and all weakness; but if thou shouldst graciously look upon me, I presently become strong and am filled with a new joy.

And it is wonderful that I am so quickly raised up and so graciously embraced by Thee; I, who by my own weight am always sinking ot the bottom. 

It is Thy love that effects this, freely guiding me and assisting me in so many necessities, preserving me also from grievous dangers, and as I may truly say, delivering me from innumerable evils.

For by an evil loving of myself I lost myself, and by seeking Thee alone and purely loving Thee I found both myself and Thee, and by this love have more profoundly annhilated myself.

Because Thou, most sweet Lord, art bountiful to me above all desert and all I dare hope or ask for.

Blessed Be Thou, O my God, for though I am unworthy of all good, yet Thy genorsity and infinite goodness never ceaseth to do good, even to those who are ungrateful and that are turned away from Thee.

Oh, convert us unto Thee, that we may be thankful, humble, and devout; for Thou art our salvation, our power, and our strength (Ps 61:8).

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