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Why Men Don’t Go To Mass January 17, 2012

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Well, some men do………ahem………but there is frequently a great disproportion between the number of men at Mass and the number of women.  And perhaps even more significantly, the disproportion of women working in our modern Church of so many structures populated by lay people is enormous.  Does all this have an effect?  Has a certain feminization set in? 


1. oldkate - January 17, 2012

Actually, that complete question is, “Why don’t men go to mass anymore?” Because they used too! They stopped when the feminization of the Church, Theology, & the homilies started! Fr .John Corapi was directly responsible for my husband’s willingness to start going to mass with me again. That was 5 yrs ago! BUT! As soon as Fr.’s talk was over, my husband became a Prophet!!! He said, “They will find some way to get rid of that man!!” Not just a ‘catholic’ problem either. All part of the “Gender Confusion Generation.” Like a large smarmy, ugly stew of misinformation on what it means to be a man or a woman. But it looks like the waters are stirring now & the real enemies of the Church grow boulder by the day! Maybe they know something we don’t! Like political takeovers in the Churches & the secular bases. Keep close to Jesus, Mary & Joseph! We will need their help.

2. Richard - January 18, 2012

My experience is if there is some form of male leadership, men will go to Mass. One reason I go to a certain parish is my pastor is a “guy’s guy”, and he gives outstanding homilies that incorporate catechesis.

For those of you who have sons, my opinion is that it is important to expose them to a parish with a “manly” priest. I also find that with a manly priest, there are more male altar boys too. As a kid, if I couldn’t relate, I tuned out.

Since the scandals, there have been some good men’s movements and men’s conferences. Our parish did a Be a Man series last fall, based on Fr. Larry Richard’s book. That Man is You also has some good materials as well. The King’s Men have some good resources for men too, as well as an outdoor retreat that I have attended.

Men and women are different, and men need to act like men. Men are to be leaders, protectors, and providers, not nerds, wimps, or geeks.

3. Catechist Kevin - January 18, 2012

“My experience is if there is some form of male leadership, men will go to Mass.”

Amen Richard!

After my particular coneversion – I wanted to try to persuade my father to go back to Holy Mass. Without revealing too much here – this was not going to be easy (lots of issues). So, I sent him a note asking him to consider it… and he came back to Mass! (we just didn’t talk “religion” too much together)

After a while he stopped going. I did not ask him directly, but I could tell he was just put off by the priest saying he was “flamboyant.”

What does this mean? The priest did not act like a man at times. Sometimes he acted somewhat effeminate. (a big turn off for those who want manly priests)

Oldkate says, “They stopped when the feminization of the Church, Theology, & the homilies started!”

Spot on, Kate!

In the vast majority of the Masses I assist at in my area (weekend obligation Masses) – women are heavily involved in the Sacred Liturgy.

This tends to put men off. I am not saying that it looks like a Tupperware or Mary Kay party – I am saying this is how many men view it. (I won’t even go into sermons… basically “superficial preaching” as JPII said)

[huge sigh]

Prayer is the best answer.

“God our Father, please send us Holy priests. All for the Sacred and Eucharistic Hear of Jesus. All for the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. In union with St. Joseph. Amen”

Catechist Kevin

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