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What does marriage mean? January 18, 2012

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Here is one priest’s description:


There’s also an interesting exposition on Gospel events tracked to Christ’s birthday being Dec. 25th, including quotes from a number of Church Fathers.

Marriage is a contract surrendering the right of access to one person of those human faculties which are ordered towards the procreation of children.  We live in a sick world when the Holy Father has to try to educate many highly trained, very sophisticated diplomats about this very basic fact – marriage is the bedrock of society, and attacking it or undermining it through ‘gay marriage’ or ‘dog marriage’ or whatever is going to fatally affect our culture.

I love it when the priest refers to the decision in the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger case, reversing the will of the people and declaring the California constitutional amendment against gay marriage as being “vomited out of hell.”   Another portion of the ruling, stating that “gender no longer forms the basis of marriage,” is totally divorced from reality, and is a “sign of the advancing corruption in our culture.” 

There is an enormous point made at about the 16 minute mark about how the married couple is actually joined together by God.  I think this understanding of marriage could undermine the prime grounds used by divorce tribunals to declare annulments – that the marriage was invalid because of some “incapacity,” very loosely interpreted.

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